More ways to use Matching Funds in 2015

Beginning January 2, 2015, The Energy Network is introducing three new ways to use Co-op Matching Funds. Through Contractor Co-op, you will have the option to use Matching Funds for several project types, including: 

  1. Marketing
  2. Equipment Purchases
  3. Equipment Calibration
  4. Training and Certifications

Through the Contractor Co-op program, Participating Contractors will receive up to $5,000 in Matching Funds to use for any combination of the above. 

Ready to participate?
New and existing Co-op Contractors must read through the Guidelinessign the updated Participation Agreementand send the Agreement to
Marketing projects will continue to use the existing Graphic Standards and Home Upgrade logos

Training and equipment purchases are also eligible for Co-op Matching Funds. See pages 6-7 in the Guidelines for a sample list of options.

All projects must be pre-approved to reserve Co-op funds for your request. 

How will Contractor Co-op work?
Similar to the existing Co-op Marketing process, all project submissions will require pre-approval. Contractors will continue to use The Energy Network's Contractor Portal to submit projects.

Once the project is completed, contractors will simply need to submit an invoice through the Portal to receive their 50% matching reimbursement, up to $5,000. For example, if you spend a total of $2,500 on new equipment, you will be reimbursed $1,250. If you spend $12,000, you will be reimbursed $5,000 (the maximum).
Why are these changes happening?

Due to the positive Co-op Marketing feedback we received for the 2013-2014 cycle, The Energy Network wanted to find a way to continue the program in 2015. Feedback from contractors consistently indicated a need for Home Upgrade equipment and training. We heard you and created the Contractor Co-op program as a result of your feedback.

For a timely response, please email or call (877) 785-2237.


The Energy Network is administered by the County of Los Angeles and funded by California utility ratepayers under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission.


Energy Upgrade California� Home Upgrade provides assistance and incentives for home improvement projects that can reduce energy use and make homes more comfortable. This statewide program is managed locally by utilities and regional energy networks and directed by the California Public Utilities Commission in collaboration with the California Energy Commission. Funding comes from utility customers under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission. Incentives are offered on a first-come, first-served basis and are effective until funding is expended or the program is discontinued. Programs may be modified or terminated without prior notice.


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