When General Patton was killed in an auto accident he was transported via train to Luxembourg and buried in the American cemetery, and buried among his men.

My father assisted in this funeral and transport via train to the cemetery. Tens of thousands of people came to visit the grave of General Patton (graves around the General's grave were being desecrated due to the number of people visiting the grave). The decision was made to move the General to where he is today.

General Patton is the only U.S. soldier in the world that is not buried with his men. My father, Captain Bailey. was in charge of removing the body, re-preparing the body, and placing it to its final resting place in the cemetery. I asked Dad if he buried him with his pearl-handled pistols on him and he quietly answered yes.
You might ask what did my father do during WWII? He was the graves and registration officer for the 1st and 9th Armies during WWII. Below is a link to a book that was written about the founding of the American Cemetery in Margraten Holland. My father is mentioned in the book several times “Crosses in the Wind”.
I never gave the trip much thought in the past years, but this picture came up in my memories on my smartphone this past week, and noticed I had my PBA t-shirt on for the picture, for some reason I was proudly wearing my PBA t-shirt that day!!"

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