Many Hearts, One Farm
October 2021 | Edition 1
We are pleased to introduce you to Main Stay’s newest initiative, “Many Hearts, One Farm.” 
Providing a safe, judgement-free space for all who walk through our doors has always been at the center of Main Stay’s culture and core values. A place where everyone feels valued, respected and celebrated for who they are and what they can, rather than cannot, do.
We live in a world of great diversity – gender, race, culture, age, sexual orientation, abilities, skills, experience, values, hopes, fears and dreams.
The goal of “Many hearts, One farm”  is to educate and inspire our team, clients and the communities that we serve.  Each month you will receive an e-newsletter that spotlights and celebrates all of the many ways that people (and animals) have advanced diversity and inclusion and/or overcome adversity. It will also highlight the many ways people choose to observe days that are meaningful to the population they represent.
We welcome any suggestions for people, animals or observances to highlight for future newsletters, local or national, who have helped to bring about change or overcome adversity to live their best life. Please email Mikki at with any of your suggestions.
Thank you for helping us to celebrate the diverse community that makes up Main Stay and welcome to “Many Hearts, One Farm.”!
Spotlight of the Month
Lee Pearson
Para Equestrian Athlete
Lee Pearson at the Paralympics wearing a gold medal around his neck.
Lee Pearson, born in Cheddleton, England, is a 14-times Paralympic Games gold medalist. He was the first openly gay member of the British team and is an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights. In 2020, he became a single foster parent to a 15 year old foster son.

Lee was born with a rare disorder called Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (AMC). This disorder affects the joints of the legs, arms, shoulders, elbows or more. AMC causes permanently bent or straightened joint positions, restricting the movement of the affected joint.

Lee runs his own dressage yard in Staffordshire, England and teaches dressage to many around the country. Sir Lee was awarded his knighthood in the 2017 New Year's Honor list for both his sporting accomplishments and his charity works. He is an ambassador for three different organizations and helps at local homeless shelters.
Do you know someone who should be featured in our next Spotlight of the Month? Let us know by sending Mikki an email at or you can simply reply to this email.
Did You Know?
Monday, October 11 is Indigenous People's Day! This federally recognized holiday celebrates and honors Native American peoples and commemorates their histories and cultures.
Holidays | Celebrations | Awareness Days
October 18th
Eid Milad un-Nabi

October 19th
Mawlid Al-Nabi

October 20th
International Pronouns Day | Sikh Holy Day

October 21st
LGBTQ + Spirit Day

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