California Film Commission Launches ‘Spotlight California’
Interview Series

Debut Episode Featuring Don Johnson Explores Life On-Set
During the Pandemic

Colleen Bell interviews Don Johnson on the first episode of “Spotlight California” – the California Film Commission’s new YouTube series focused on the people who make California the world’s film and TV production capital.

The California Film Commission has released the first episode of “Spotlight California” -- a new video series that features interviews with top content creators, policymakers, business leaders and others who help shape film and TV production across the Golden State.

Hosted by CFC Executive Director Colleen Bell, each episode examines what it’s like to work in California’s signature industry. The format is fast-paced (each video is under 10 minutes), with topics covering life in front of and behind the camera.

“We’re shining a spotlight on the people who make California the world’s entertainment production capital,” said Ms. Bell. “Our goal is to examine what makes the industry tick, and to have some fun in the process.”

The debut episode features actor/producer/director Don Johnson. The “Miami Vice” and “Nash Bridges” star is currently on the NBC comedy series “Kenan,” which is now in production. He speaks with Colleen about life on-set during the pandemic and his experiences filming in California over the past five decades. The episode also includes a “lighting round” Q&A on everything from Don’s guilty pleasure and favorite movie to his key for finding happiness.

'Spotlight California' is available on YouTube and the CFC’s homepage. Excerpts will also be shared via the CFC’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds.

Upcoming episodes will be posted soon. Stay tuned!

About the California Film Commission

The California Film Commission enhances California's status as the leader in motion picture,
television, and commercial production.

A one-stop office for filmmakers, the Commission supports productions of all sizes and budgets. In addition to managing the Film & Television Tax Credit program, services include an extensive digital location library, free online permitting, low cost use of state properties as shooting locations, and production assistance.