The Way We Do School: The Making of Oakland's Full-Service Community School District
Happy publication week to Milbrey McLaughlin, Kendra Fehrer, and Jacob Leos-Urbel, whose new book offers an in-depth profile of an ambitious full-service community school district in Oakland, California. The book focuses on a nearly ten-year effort to transform all 86 schools in the district into community schools in order to better meet the academic and personal needs of all students.
Milbrey McLaughlin talks about community schools on the School's In Podcast
On a recent episode of the School’s In podcast, Milbrey McLaughlin joins GSE Dean Dan Schwartz and Senior Lecturer Denise Pope to talk about what it takes to create a full-service community school district, where schools mobilize and deliver community resources as an integrated part of the school day. She also shares how the community school approach could be a model for COVID-19 recovery.
Long-Term & Far-Reaching Change: Lessons from the Oakland Community Schools Initiative
Co-author Kendra Fehrer shares her perspective on Oakland's history, how stakeholders came together to prepare for an initiative of this magnitude, the transformative changes occurring at school sites and beyond, and how community schools are uniquely positioned to support families and youth during a global pandemic.
Community Schools Research Practice Network Webinar Series: The Way We Do School
In April, Milbrey McLaughlin and OUSD Chief of Schools, Curtiss Sarikey, presented about the Oakland Community Schools Initiative on a webinar of the Community Schools Research Practice Network. Designed to foster collaboration between researchers and practitioners, this network is a project of the Institute for Educational Leadership, the National Education Policy Center, and the New York Department of Education.