Upward Scholars Dean's List Students
This spring, 474 of 5,811 Cañada College students were named to the Cañada College Dean's List. The 13 students below are Upward Scholars students included on this list. (Chances are good that additional Upward Scholars students were also on the Dean's List, but didn't respond to our email requesting their photo.) Dean's List students are chosen based on their Grade Point Average.
All of the students below are ESL students who are completing or have completed Cañada's rigorous ESL sequence with a minimum of six ESL classes. After completing these classes, students are eligible to take classes that count toward a certificate or associate degree. Because of their work schedules and family obligations, most students can only attend college part-time. Thus, it often takes these dedicated students three to five years to complete their studies.  

Hsinyl Cheng
3 years in college
Goal: Business executive
Brizeidy Ruelas
2 years in college
Goal: Medical assistant
Dennisse Gil
1 year in college
Goal: Special education preschool teacher

Guadalupe Crespo
3 years in college
Goal: Assistant teacher
Ding Chen
3 years in college
Goal: Software engineer
    Marta Marcos
2 years in college
Goal: Preschool teacher

Alfredo Corea
3 years in college
 Goal: Computer technician
Lorenza Villanueva
3 years in college
Goal: Business executive
Zahra Abdollah
3 years in college
Goal: Math teacher
Reina Patricia Avalos 
2 years in college
Goal: Medical administrative assistant
Elizabeth Garcia
1 year in college
Goal: Bookkeeper

Tania Ventura
2 years in college
 Goal: Business adviser 
Maria Esparza
3 years in college
Goal: Interior designer
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