City Theatrical Accessory Spotlight - The Top Hat
The Top Hat
If you walk into any Broadway theatre and look up, you'll see a top hat or some other beam control accessory on every lighting fixture. Professional lighting designers know that they need to carefully control the spill light from fixtures in order to achieve their design objectives.
Top Hats were once the only beam control accessory available to designers.  Designers began to ask for other variations of accessories, and City Theatrical created hundreds of varieties of accessories to meet the needs of specific designers and specific lighting fixtures. Several of these include:
Top Hat (2450)
Top Hats
2460 Half Top Hat
Half Top Hats
Stackers Tapered 
Top Hats
Stackers Tapered Half Top Hats
Stackers Tapered
Half  Top Hats
Do modern LED fixtures really need the same type of beam control as older incandescent fixtures? Since the spill from modern LED fixtures can extend nearly 180 degrees from the light source, they nearly always require carefully chosen beam control accessories. Our engineers and craftspeople are experts in creating beam shaping lighting accessories and we work with designers and manufacturers every day to develop new ones.
Did You Know?
Did you ever wonder why we flock the interiors of our Top Hats?  Even flat black paint can be somewhat reflective and can produce bounce.  The legendary Broadway and architectural lighting designer Jules Fisher requested that we develop a way to eliminate this bounce so the beam could be better controlled. Early methods included using sawdust glued to the interior of the top hat and painted black. That concept worked quite well, and we developed a more advanced process that utilized a black material that is flameproof and easier to apply. Designers understand the benefits of this and request it on most accessories.
Achieve Your Vision
Since our inception over 30 years ago, City Theatrical has worked with professional lighting designers to create high quality lighting accessories. Our mission is to create products that enable designers to achieve their artistic vision. This "Accessories Spotlight" email series will help demonstrate how a single lighting accessory, like the Top Hat, can help you make your next performance or installation even better.
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