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Introducing Windsor BankLink

Connecting SBA Lenders to Borrowers, Ushering in Digital Transformation

Hello Andrew,

Windsor Advantage is proud to officially launch, a digital platform to connect business owners with financing in Windsor's network of LSP clients.

Technology has forever changed how business owners discover and leverage financing resources. Keeping pace with those digital shifts is a challenge for lenders in our industry, especially when competing against digital native lenders.

After decades of powering the SBA financing process, our team recognized a gap in the process. Business owners and lenders alike need a better digital infrastructure for connecting to financing.

We developed the platform with Windsor’s mission in mind: to continually drive innovation that shapes future success in the SBA lending landscape.


Our goal with BankLink is to fuel a more efficient, accurate, and positive business financing process for borrowers and lenders alike to grow the entire footprint of the SBA community.


Powered by Windsor Advantage

Windsor BankLink streamlines the process of obtaining growth capital through SBA 7(a) financing programs. BankLink is a free tool for business owners to efficiently gauge their options for government-guaranteed financing. 

1 loan application is used to assess a business owner’s eligibility for financing with 150+ lenders in Windsor's network, matching the business directly to the lender most likely to fund their loan. As a result, lenders receive high quality leads with a higher potential to be close-funded at their institution.


The digital platform is powered from start to finish by Windsor Advantage’s SBA loan experts, personalizing the business financing experience with expert-driven customer service.

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Our mission is to equip your organization with the infrastructure, support, and services needed to maximize your institution's potential as an SBA Lender.

We hope BankLink is a beneficial solution for borrowers and lenders alike, growing the SBA community and strengthening the state of SMB in 2024 and beyond.

Learn more about BankLink at

Current clients are automatically opted into the Windsor BankLink Lender Network unless requested otherwise.

Interested in working with Windsor Advantage as your lender service provider? Contact our team here.

Windsor Advantage.v2 - cropped.png