Simmons & Simmons adds fourth CBI grinder
Simmons & Simmons recently added their fourth CBI machine, a brand new  6800CT Horizontal Grinder . With the help of their local dealer, Powerscreen Mid-Atlantic, the machine was successfully put into commission on a roadside clearing job in late May. As of June, Simmons & Simmons runs their four CBI grinders every day. Their first CBI has more than 10,000 hours.

Telematics has launched for select horizontal grinders
T-Link is a remote monitoring and fleet management system that keeps you connected to your CBI machine around the clock and around the world. Check the status from your personal device or computer. Satellite positioning and telematics software provide fleet overview reports, performance statistics, location and time fencing, remote diagnostics, information for accurate maintenance, and other key metrics. Available on C-series portable horizontal grinders and other select models.  E-mail  to sign up for an account and request training.

CBI partners with Huska Holdings for new brand video
CBI recently partnered with Huska Holdings for a revamped brand video. Their three CBI grinders exemplify the “Outproduce, Outperform, Outlast” value proposition. Continue sending us pictures and videos of your equipment to be featured on our social media channels!

Safety tip of the month: Communicate Lockout Tagout
Take extra time to refresh your team on lockout tagout procedures this month. Remind your team to always keep lockout tagout equipment on site. If someone has locked out a machine, they should stay near the machine and leave their phone number with their lock so others can contact them.
CBI Gear Shop Item of the Month: Camo Hats
Camo hats are here! A few CBI customers suggested we put out camo hats so the team made it happen. The CBI Online Gear Shop offers customized co-branded gear. If you want it, we have it! Check out the shop the next time you’re ordering apparel or hi-vis gear.

The bear is in Belgium!
This 6400CT with a 4-axle dolly was recently delivered to a customer in Belgium. The solid steel rotor will be put to good use grinding waste wood! Featuring four field swappable rotors, the Magnum Force 6400CT is truly the world's most versatile grinder. Operators can go from making high quality mulch, to custom sized fuel chips, to processing highly contaminated C&D waste streams without missing a beat. Photo courtesy of the CBI Europe team.
GT Mid Atlantic and Groff Tractor territory update
GT Mid Atlantic now represents CBI in New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, and greater Philadelphia. Groff Tractor and Equipment now represents CBI in the state of Pennsylvania, with the exception of greater Philadelphia.

CBI donates masks to frontline workers
Thank you to all the frontline workers stepping up to keep our communities safe! The CBI team donated packs of masks to medical professionals throughout New England in May, including hand sewn and reusable masks to show our support. Thank you!

We appreciate all of the great work being done throughout the CBI network. Share stories of how your business is helping the community and we’ll give you a shout out on social media.
CBI grinder on the cover of Canadian Biomass
Photo credit: Mitch Creek, Solos Productions

Did anyone spot the CBI grinder on the cover of last quarter's issue of Canadian Biomass? Be sure to grab a copy and read the article!