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April 2020
Introducing BearCorps:
An AmeriCorps Program on Regenerative Agriculture and Forest Resilience

This fall CLEE's Project Climate will be launching BearCorps, an AmeriCorps program dedicated to helping rural communities in California plan for and implement two of the most promising solutions to the climate crisis: regenerative agriculture and forest resilience. BearCorps will send 20 Rural Climate Fellows to agricultural and forest communities for an 11 month term-of-service to build farm, forest, and community resilience, and promote education, volunteerism, and community engagement. 

Our project partners include Resource Conservation Districts, non-profit organizations, UC Hopland Research & Extension Center, Blodgett Forest Research Station, UC Sierra Foothill Research and Extension Center, and Tuolumne Tribal. Fellows serving in agricultural communities will serve in conjunction and coordination with their service site to expand the use of regenerative agriculture techniques. Agricultural projects include carbon farm planning, regenerative grazing outreach, rangeland restoration, invasive plant ecology, and messaging regenerative agriculture. In forest communities, Fellows will increase their service site's capacity by researching and implementing techniques to reduce fire risk and improve watershed and soil health. Forest and fire resilience projects include prescribed fire coordination, forest ecosystem management education and planning, and building forest resilience on private lands. To learn more about our projects, visit the  BearCorps website.

BearCorps is currently accepting applications for Fellows for the 2020-2021 service year. If you know a recent or upcoming college graduate who is passionate about promoting climate change solutions and looking to launch their career, please share this opportunity. The priority application deadline is April 27th. 

A Snapshot of 2020

Curious what CLEE is working on in 2020, and what we accomplished in 2020? Our 2020 Snapshot tells you about our research portfolio and what change we're trying to catalyze. 
Over the past year we've expanded our climate work by launching three new initiatives: Project Climate, the California-China Climate Institute, and the Climate Risk Initiative. We've also addressed key barriers limiting low-income Californians' access to energy efficiency incentives and programs, explored the limitations of legislation in integrating California groundwater and surface water management, and brought experts together to discuss how our legal framework can better mobilize ocean research.  
Now, we are continuing to examine challenges associated with the electric vehicle battery supply chain, pilot a water rights information system, and map the potential future of California offshore wind. 
Read about these projects and how you can engage in these efforts in the  2020 Snapshot.

CLEE's Ted Lamm and UCLA's Sean Hecht File Brief to Defend Clean Power Plan

In their individual capacities, CLEE's Ted Lamm and Sean Hecht of UCLA's Emmett Institute filed an amicus  brief in the DC Circuit arguing that EPA acted improperly when it repealed the Clean Power Plan and replaced it with a limited, weaker rule. Their client is one of the drafters of the original Clean Air Act. The brief demonstrates, based on his unique expertise, why EPA's new rule fundamentally misunderstands the statute.