CARE's Paws In The Pantry

When times are tough, CARE is here to help your pets.  

We would like to introduce you to CARE's newest program. Paws In The Pantry is a Pet Foodbank where families who have limited income can receive food for their pets to provide them with proper nutrition.  

A few months ago, we received a call at CARE from a woman who was sobbing, telling us that she could no longer keep her two dogs.  We asked her why and her response was heartbreaking. She said, "My husband and I both lost our jobs within a week of each other.  I just had to tell my children we couldn't feed them and our dogs too and the dogs were going to have to go." This is where Paws In The Pantry was born.  We happened to have a few bags of dog food and we instructed her to tell her kids that they could keep their beloved friends and to come and pick up some dog food. 

It's CARE's desire to be a source of help to those who are in need.  We currently offer Paws In The Clinic, our Spay/Neuter program for families with limited income, we think Paws In The Pantry is next logical step in helping pets in central Arkansas. We can't make an impact without you. 

How You Can Help

Paws In The Pantry can't exist without the help of you, our friends. There are several areas where help is needed in this program. Following are some ways you can make an immediate impact on pets in central Arkansas.

We Need:
Volunteer help both in transport and logistics.
Pet Food Donations (Unopened, fresh pet food)
Monetary Donations to help provide needed resources for this vital program
You can donate by clicking here.
People to coordinate Pet Food Drives in your school, business, church, or club
More details on food drives can be found below
Contacts of local food pantries that would host us.
Contact with your business, club or organization to host a food drive.
Contact with your Church to host a food drive.

Host A Paws In The Pantry Food Drive

To the right you will see an image of Poyen School District's Junior Beta Club. They recently put on a Pet Food Drive and collected 3,145 pounds of pet food! When you host a food drive, let us know and we will come out with the CARE-A-VAN, some of CARE's adoptable pets, and a heart full of gratitude for your food donation.  We will help you promote your event to get the most exposure to ensure your food drive's success.  Call and speak with Jon at 501-603-2273 or email at to set it up. 

With your help, CARE can ensure pets in needy families will receive the vital nutrition they so desperately need.

CARE thanks you and most importantly, the pets thank you. 

Best Regards,

Jon Garrison
CARE for Animals