College Know ledge Materials

T hey're bold, colorful, jargon-free... and now, they're here

More than 800 Washington state students shared what they need to know to successfully prepare for college. This set of 23 handouts cover their most-requested college readiness topics. College Knowledge materials are in compliance with the American Disabilities Act and are available in English, Spanish, Somali, Russian, and Vietnamese. 

Need print copies for your school or organization? Order them here, preferably by Sept. 29.  The Community Center for Education Results, Puget Sound College & Career Network, Washington College Access Network and the Washington Student Achievement Council worked in collaboration to develop this resource. 

3 Ways To Use College Knowledge Materials During DiscoverU Week

1) Use the Glossary to find a Word of the Day to help students become familiar with common college and career terms. We suggest sharing a word during school announcements or homeroom. You can offer a small prize to students who use the word in a sentence that day.

2) With the Types of Colleges and All About Apprenticeships handouts, ask students to select a two-year college, a four-year college, and an apprenticeship program to research. 

3) Give students the six Chapter Topics ( About College and Career,  Getting Ready,  College Bound Scholarship,  Paying for College,  Applying for College, and  Enrolling in College) and instruct them to write a question for each area. Collect the questions and select one a day to answer in front of the whole class. You may need to ask your college and career counselor for support. 
Discovering Me:
Meet a DiscoverU Student Design Team Member

"I think it's important to give people their own voice and space. That's why I'm passionate about writing and poetry. I want to be a journalist and a writer, maybe publish my own book someday. People deserve to share their own stories and I want to let people know my story." 

Emma is a Sophomore at  Renton High School and a youth leader who helped design this year's DiscoverU. Read her story here.
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