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Eat For Life: How the Power of
Food Can Heal Your Body

If you saw the movie Food Inc. , you will remember Joel Salatin. Joel has been called the most famous farmer in the world and the “high priest of the pasture.” He’s even been compared to Thomas Jefferson, but he prefers to call himself The Lunatic Farmer.

You won’t want to miss Joel’s lectures, “Folks, This Ain’t Normal” and “Cows, Carbon and Climate.” He’s a visionary who imagines a world of abundance, based on sustainable and regenerative agriculture. His beliefs run deep, and he inspires us to personally support our small farms and local food systems.
Clinical Nutritionist , Nutritional Science Pioneer, Speed Demon
“We have an absolutely unsustainable health care crisis, but it’s not too late to turn the boat around because the body isn’t designed to kill itself. It’s an amazing, self-healing organism.”

Dr. Coetzee was initially motivated to go into medicine after dealing with illness in his own family. He soon became preoccupied by the insufficient nutrients in our modern food supply and the toxins that are making us sick. The medical community realizes that illness is often lifestyle-induced. Dr. Coetzee believes that medications and supplements alone aren’t a panacea. We need an integrated plan for treating physical, nutritional and psychological conditions that isn’t profit-driven because healthcare costs are rising without any accompanying reduction in disease.
What is in Dr. Coetzee's Self-care Pantry?

  1. First, he fosters positive relationships. Close community ties are one of the common denominators to longevity. We are a species that goes crazy in isolation. Elders in other countries are treated like gold, not isolated. They even eat first and are asked to share their wisdom. 
  2. Second, he fosters self-awareness, so he can recognize when his body needs to relax, take a break, and sleep. Sleep is a great antidepressant.
  3. Third, he loves his vocation and pursues hobbies, like golfing and motorcycle racing, whenever possible. This creates a mechanism for integrity and internal meditation. 
  4. Fourth, he embraces spirituality and internal dialogues with a higher power.

 Nadja Pinnavaia understands that transitions are hard. She founded New York-based Euphebe in order to liberate people from “The Crappy Food Cycle” because there is an epidemic of chronic disease and the old deprivation-based, “Eat Less Move More,” dieting paradigm is unsustainable.
Euphebe provides chef crafted, nutrient-dense meals, plus the coaching necessary to adopt a new lifestyle. Nadja is concerned that people will spend $$$ on lapsed fitness memberships, pills and potions, and so-called health foods that are sometimes more trendy than healthy. How do we change that mentality?
Our bodies are a composite of hormone responses that drives behavior. If we don‘t properly feed the brain, it continues to think it’s hungry, and its addictive voice will continue to scream, “FEED ME!” Real, good-for-you foods, like whole grains and nutrients from plants, often act as a silver bullet. And by also eliminating highly addictive sugars and refined foods, you change the brain‘s biochemistry. “Nobody misses crappy foods if they’re no longer calling out to you.” There‘s a freedom in effortlessly making supportive food choices.
What is in Nadja's Self-care Pantry?

  1. First, she makes good work-life compromises, like walking her children to school and then working intensively all day so she can go home and love them and be fully present.
  2. Second, she works with people who share her passion.
  3. Third, she’s passionate about what she does and cherishes the opportunity to tap into her empathic, medical and intellectual sides.
Join WEforum at The Global Mala Project
Saturday, September 23rd - Long Branch - 9AM
The Global Mala is an international celebration of mindfulness that unites yoga, service and collective action.

If you haven't attended a Mala in past years, here is what you need to know.  The purpose of the project is to bring the global yoga community together to form a “mala around the earth." As the NJ community practices in Long Branch, yogis all over the world will be doing the exact same thing in their cities, towns, and studios.  

This event is an epic 108-minute yoga practice, encompassing 108 sun salutations, led by NJ's best teachers. It will take place on the Promenade in Long Branch, right near the Great Lawn
Where : The Great Lawn and Promenade
in Long Branch, NJ

When :   September 23, 2018

Free Beach Meditation:  
7:30 AM , led by April Puciata

Welcome and Keynote Message:
from Regine Flimlin and the Weforum Group

Yoga Practice at 9 AM : L ed by Breane Wood, Bridget Riepl, Kristine Deer, Serena Soffer, Jodi Kobrin, Rachel Wallace, Natalia DiFolco, Chelsea Hoeffler, Loren Russo, Jennifer Vafakos, Jennifer Cavalieri, Janet Gallo, and Bret Morgan.

100 percent of the proceeds from the 2018 Mala will go to the
WEforum Health & Wellness Conference

$30: Includes the signature 2018 Mala bracelet.
$45: Includes the signature 2018 Mala bracelet and a 2018 Mala tank top. 
Eat For Life:
How The Power of Food Can Heal Your Body
Health and Wellness Conference 2018
November 14, 2018
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