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                                                                       February 2014 
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Mobile Link - Peace of Mind When You're Away
Mobile Link, Generac's remote monitoring system, allows you to receive timely notifications via your computer, tablet or smartphone. With Mobile Link, you'll know exactly what your generator is doing -- even if you're down the road or off on a relaxing vacation or adventure getaway!
This wonderful new generator accessory will enable you to know when your unit is exercising, whether it's currently running, how long it ran during a previous outage, maintenance status and more. Whether your backup generator is ready to power your primary home, second home or business, Mobile Link provides you with peace of mind for when you're not there. 
To learn more about how Mobile Link can be a useful addition to your overall comfort, protection and peace of mind, give us a call at 845-227-0514.

 February Tip
To ensure that your Generac� generator is ready to provide you with continuous power during outages and disruptions, remember to follow these 3 steps: check for the green ready light, check the fuel supply level, and clear debris (snow, leaves, shrubs and any other objects) away from the unit. 


1. Check that the green ready light is on. This should be done at regular intervals as well as when inclement weather is forecast and/or power outages are anticipated. 

Please call us at 845-227-0514 to schedule a service if the green ready light is not illuminated.  
2. Check fuel levels at regular intervals and when inclement weather is forecast and/or power outages are anticipated. If you notice that the fuel supply is low or insufficient given weather predictions, call your fuel provider to schedule delivery. 
3.  Be sure to clear debris (snow, leaves, shrubs and any other objects) from around your Generac� generator, making sure the vents on both sides are clear.  

Note: Checking these 3 items regularly sets the stage for your generator to provide you with safety and comfort during outages. 
Standby Generators
With extreme weather events and increases in power outages, a standby generator provides peace of mind and comfort for homeowners.  And for business owners, standby generators minimize disruption in service - and income.  

If we've already installed your Generac� standby generator, congratulations on making a smart investment in your comfort and safety.  If you're still contemplating whether or not a generator is for you, this video may provide insight.

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6 More Weeks!!
Punxsatawney Phil saw his shadow this week, meaning we have {gulp} 6 more weeks of winter weather. 

The team here at Essential Power Systems, LLC, sends along its best wishes for you to stay warm, safe and well as we all steel ourselves for more cold weather.

Groundhog Day 2014: Punxsutawney Phil Sees Shadow
Groundhog Day 2014: Punxsutawney Phil Sees Shadow

Essential Power Systems, LLC...did you know?
Did you know that we have over 40 years of electrical contracting experience?

Essential Power Systems, LLC, provides the same award-winning service and expertise that have earned us Generac� PowerPro Elite status to all of your home and commercial electrical contracting upgrades and repairs. From initial consultation to final sign off, we make it our business to provide industry-leading service and expertise -- ON BUDGET, ON TIME and with the HIGHEST LEVEL OF PROFESSIONALISM.

Call us at 845-227-0514 to schedule an appointment or consultation/estimate.


Not sure you need a licensed electrician?
This Old House website sheds some light (pun intended!) on the reasons why you should hire  a professional, licensed and insured electrician.  
Click here to read.

off Mobile Link purchase and installation package
Mobile Link

As a special gift to newsletter readers, we're offering $25 off an EPS  Generac� Mobile Link package (includes equipment and installation). 
                                                    Offer expires 3/15/2014. Not transferrable. 
Referrals are the best compliments we can receive! EPS proudly participates in the Generac� Refer A Friend program.  If you refer friends, family or colleagues our way and they purchase and install a Generac� standby from us, you can both earn a $50 rebate. Details are found on the referral rebate form.
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