Announcing Fall 2020 Faith360!

Lifespan Religious Education amid a global pandemic? We’ve got you covered like a soft cotton face mask. You will find the catalog of offerings below. All classes and workshops will be meeting online via Zoom. Class link will be emailed upon registration. You can register here!

For more information or if you don’t find something that interests you and would like to offer your expertise and explore the prospect of hosting a session or two yourself, email LeeAnn Williams at

Fall 2020 Faith360 Course Catalog

Re-visiting the 1963 Birmingham Pledge
This two-session program will review the “Ten Commitments” that the SCLC required each protestor to sign, in order to participate in the 1963 Birmingham protests. For the first session, we will explore the spiritual components of this Pledge; participants will be asked to choose two or three of the commitments that especially resonate with them. The second session will include an attempt to create a new pledge, as a spiritual guide for protesting in the current age. Each session will be one hour in length. Led by Bill Fogarty. 2 Sessions: September 23 and 30, at 7:30 PM. 

Study Group: Me and White Supremacy by Layla F. Saad (6 Weeks) 
Participants are invited to join LeeAnn Williams, Annie Parker, Topher Dunne, and Kirstin LaForce Rigli in this weekly study group. Attendees will need a willingness to learn alongside one another, a journal to keep notes and reflections and a copy of the me and white supremacy workbook, available here. 6 Sessions, Wednesdays at 7 PM, October 7 through November 11.   
On Being Pod Cast Chat
How can we be present to what’s happening in the world without giving in to despair and hopelessness? Join us to listen to On Being podcasts that help us delve into that question. We will listen to the podcast as part of the session. Then we will take an hour to reflect on what we have heard. As an option, you are welcome to read or listen ahead of time and join us at 8 PM for the reflection time. Led by Mary Pike and Wendy Jessup. Meets twice a month on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays, starting September 23, 7-9 PM.  
UU Rituals and Traditions 
In this workshop participants will explore our UU traditions and rituals. Come learn more about why we celebrate Flower Communion, the theological significance of our chancel, design, and other cool facts. Led by LeeAnn Williams. 1 Session: Thursday, October 1, 7-8 PM. 
Building Your Own Theology
Based on the assumption that everyone is their own theologian, this classic UU adult education program invites participants to develop their own personal credos, the fundamental religious beliefs, values, and convictions that inform and direct of their lives. Topics explored in this workshop include human nature, ultimate reality, history, ethics and religious meaning. Begins with an introduction to our seven UU principles. Four sessions. Led by LeeAnn Williams. 4 Sessions: Tuesdays, November 3, 10, 17, 24. 7-8 PM. 
A Hidden Wholeness
“What am I all about and what do I think of that?” This is the provocative question posed by Parker J. Palmer’s book “A Hidden Wholeness, The Journey Towards An Undivided Life.” In this small group exploration, we will read the book contemplatively, discerning what its teachings evoke in our hearts and sharing our emerging insights with the group. We will adhere to Parker Palmer’s “Circle of Trust” small group model wherein we meet in covenant in a way that invites us to listen to our own wisdom, our own “inner teacher.” We will meet for 10 sessions via Zoom on 1st and 3rd Wednesdays starting in October, from 7:00 to 8:30 PM. Facilitated by Mary Pike and David McTaggart

My Spiritual Quest: Where Do I Go From Here?
In this class, we will explore such questions as: "What do we mean by spiritual growth and maturity?" and “How can I bring more purpose and meaning to my life?” We will work in small covenantal groups reading short textual passages reflectively, sharing our personal meanings and reflections. The space will be held in sacred confidentiality with ample silence to accommodate tentative voices. We will meet for 8 sessions via Zoom on 1st and 3rd Tuesdays starting in October, from 7:00 to 8:30 PM. Facilitated by David McTaggart

What IS Ethical Culture, Anyway? 
Many of us know that Rev. Amanda--prior to joining us at UUCA--spent twelve years serving an Ethical Culture congregation. But how many of us are familiar with the Ethical Culture movement, and its connections to Unitarian Universalism and to humanism? Join Amanda as she offers an introduction to the other religious tradition in her life! October 8, 7 PM. 

“If You're Happy, then I'm Happy” and Other Ways to Ruin a Relationship: Family Systems Thinking for Partners
Family systems thinking offers ways to understand who we are in relationship--with our partners, our parents, and our preschoolers. During these times of 24-hour togetherness, even the strongest relationship can use some extra support. Join Rev. Amanda for this class outlining the basics of family systems thinking with a special focus on partners (whether you've been married 40 years or you just started dating). Need NOT be in a relationship to participate. 1 Session: Thursday, Deccember 10. 7 PM. Led by Rev. Amanda Poppei.
Discovering the Words of the Mystics: Engaging with selected writings of Howard Thurman and Mary Oliver
Discovering the Words of the Mystics: Engaging With Selected Writings of Howard Thurman and Mary Oliver: This two-session program will introduce you to the writings of a theologian (Howard Thurman) and a poet (Mary Oliver), whose works have a mystical bent with a reverence for nature. The universalism of both writers will be explored and discussed, using selected readings of Thurman and Oliver. We will also delve into the question of how to define a “mystic”. Led by Bill Fogarty. Each session will be one hour in length. 2 Sessions: December 2 and 9, at 7:30 PM
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·       Widening the Circle (UUA Report on Institutional Change) Study Group

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