Introducing Fence End Row Control

We are excited to announce the launch of the
ALL NEW Fence Row Control Switch Box! 

The switch box is designed to easily turn on and off up to two valves at the same time, for easy fence and end row nozzle control. Hypro’s Fence Row Control utilizes the award-winning Hypro ProStop-E 12 volt actuated valve, which eliminates misapplications and waste by providing instantaneous on/off control. The switch box can control up to 16 ProStop-E valves with a 4A amp rating.
“We have developed a new switch box and cables that enable the easy retrofit of sprayers with a fence row system. The two toggle switch box is added to the cab plugged into the battery and ProStop-E valve to create a plug and play fence row system addition,” stated Wayne Steward, Hypro Product Manager.

Visit our website for more information on the Switch Box and how you can start building your own Fence Row Control Kit this season!

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See a demo of the ALL NEW Fence Row Control Switch Box and the AE50 award winning ProStop-E at our tradeshows this season!  Get your spraying questions answered and get a free spray nozzle sample while you are there. You might just win a free set of nozzles for your sprayer!
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