Introducing GA Self Defense Attorney Mo Wiltshire
The Complete Combatant would like to introduce you to Morris "Mo" Wiltshire of Prior, Daniel & Wiltshire Law Firm in Athens, GA. Brian and I had the pleasure of meeting Mo through Chief Deputy Lee Weems ( First Person Safety ) a couple years ago and we have come to know Mo's character, we trust his judgement, and appreciate what a truly honest and upfront man he is. Mo is an elite, experienced and successful GA self defense attorney and he is our personal "go to guy"! We have NO DOUBT he will fight for us and our case! We HIGHLY recommend you MAKE DECISIONS IN ADVANCE and consider some sort of legal self defense membership/insurance program and to put Mo's number in your phone AND wallet. If you choose Mo as your self defense attorney and want to establish a relationship now, then feel free to call him and he will gladly speak with you.

Thank you in advance,
Shelley Hill
Indispensable Organizational Wizard
If you are charged with a violent crime or under investigation for an act of self defense. You cannot simply trust that the government will do what is right. Self defense cases are some of the most complex cases in our legal system and if you find yourself facing a possible self defense case in the state of Georgia, then you’ll want a highly qualified Georgia self defense attorney on your side. Your going to want an attorney with a demonstrated commitment to the concept of lawful self defense and one who believes in citizens natural and legal right to protect themselves and their family.
Mo Wiltshire is a full supporter of concealed carry for defense, a life long hunter and shooter, a Life Member of the NRA and a committed advocate for self defense rights in Georgia and around the U.S.A.

Sometimes our Government gets it totally wrong. Sadly in too many cases involving self defense and 2nd Amendment freedoms, the victim becomes the accused and justice is turned upside down. Mo Wiltshire fights for the rights of citizens who are compelled, in the gravest extreme, to use force to defend themselves and their loved ones. These cases always involve potentially devastating consequences and require serious help from a lawyer with the background, skill, dedication and commitment to your cause. Whether it is a criminal investigation or, almost as bad, you find yourself the target of a greedy lawsuit you need a lawyer who has been there and done that at a very high level. You need an attorney who understands how guns work and who supports firearms rights … who loves liberty, and will not waiver when seeking justice for you and your family.
We represent clients, from all walks of life, charged by the government with major felony offenses. Serious charges demand a serious response from attorneys who have the background and talent to aggressively represent your interests. Violent crimes, from assault to manslaughter to murder, carry some of the most significant penalties in the entirety of Georgia’s criminal justice system. I will be personally responsible for your case and I enjoy helping good people in big trouble all over Georgia.

Mo Wiltshire