September 2021
Introducing GeorgiaConnX!
GaHIN’s new technology platform for query-based exchange will begin going live in September. The new system from Velatura will replace the IBM/Watson software that powered Georgia ConnectedCare.

The new cloud-based, next-generation system will offer a number of new features and functionalities, providing a foundation to meet the current and emerging needs of GaHIN and its members. While not all features will be available at go live, they will be introduced in the coming months.
“We wanted to indicate to members that this is a new platform with advanced capabilities, so we decided to change the name from Georgia ConnectedCare to GeorgiaConnX,” explained Denise Hines, GaHIN Executive Director. “The name reflects the purpose of GaHIN – to connect providers through interoperability solutions that facilitate the secure sharing of health information.”

GeorgiaConnX will help providers to streamline workflows, improve efficiency in care coordination, and enhance the quality of data quality reporting. GeorgiaConnX will allow users to:
  • Access a longitudinal record of a patient’s healthcare history
  • View and compare transitions of care messages
  • Admission/Discharge/Transfer (ADT) notifications
  • Discharge Medication Reconciliation messages
  • Access CCDs
  • Update patient rosters and active care relationships
  • Find contact information for members of a patients’ care team

September Update on New Tech 21 Project
GaHIN’s contract with IBM/Watson to support query-based exchange will end on September 30. Despite vigorous outreach efforts to members for the past several months, not all organizations have been able to return the GaHIN Master Member Agreement.

We are working with a number of members implementations and more members will continue to go live throughout the following weeks. The following members are currently on track to go live by October 1:
  • Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA)
  • Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD)
  • Emory Health System
  • Harbin Clinic
  • HealtHIE Georgia

Members who have returned their signed agreements and completed the onboarding process will be able to query through the new system and access eHealth Exchange. However, only the data from the members who have signed agreements will be indexed and available.

IBM/Watson cannot release member information until the member agreement is signed. To ensure data accuracy and provide a back-up if needed, GaHIN has asked members to pull historical data to supplement what is received from IBM or for import at a later date.

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