Thinking ahead to... Turkey Time!

It's getting to be that time of year when the weather cools down and our thoughts turn to the Holidays....We love being a family destination for apples, pumpkins, potatoes and Fall greens, but now we can take you even one step further in your realization of a totally farm-raised Thanksgiving holiday.

Introducing...the Hollin Farms Turkeys!

Our birds are growing very well. They've come a long way (literally!) since our 3 day old chicks arrived via air mail to our local post office all the way from the hatchery in Iowa! They have gone from being little peeps, (teacup-sized, little yellow balls of fluff) to almost full grown turkeys with impressive sounding gobbles and full-feathered tail fans.

Our turkeys have a lively social life and enjoy their days outdoors, ranging the pasture while scouting for grasshoppers and tender forage. -They even sound happy, warbling and chirping the days away with each other.

The turkeys are fun to watch...They get so excited and all come running when they hear the rumbles of the farm truck, coming with a fresh load of pumpkins and apples for them. (That said, they also get excited about 4-wheelers, go karts, and laundry flapping in the breeze on the clothesline... Doesn’t take much. ;)

At any rate, these birds are enjoying their time here on the farm. Non-GMO feed, plenty of forage and room to roam, fresh pumpkins, apples, and vegetables from our gardens... clean air and sunlight...This is a very good life for a bird and the taste will surely reflect that.

We have 100 turkeys available for Thanksgiving and we are now taking orders. They should range in size from 14-26 pounds (dressed weight) and will be frozen and packaged for pickup. Please see website (click on photo for link) for information regarding pick up locations and other details.

Open this weekend for pumpkins and lots of apple picking! We will be on site to answer questions.

We look forward to sharing these birds with your families and friends. ~Enjoy!