Buy ready to serve Soup Sisters soup and in turn Soup Sisters will provide back to the community.
We are now selling a wholesale soup through Gordon Food Service that you can offer to your customers.

A SOUPER opportunity that we can provide to you, and in turn to our great community, with our Soup Sisters 'Hug in a Bowl' ready to serve soup.
Our motto is  Eat Fresh, Give Fresh  and nothing feels more relevant to us!
We hope that you'll agree and take a look at how with your support we plan to provide the same healthy soup to ALL people in our community.
Click here   for a personal message from Soup Sisters founder Sharon Hapton on how you can make a difference.
You have a brand, we have a brand, and we both know what it means to take care
of people through food.

Recognized internationally, Soup Sisters brand is synonymous with simple kindness. We love to collaborate with others to create social value and ensure good nutrition for our communities.
Wondering how you fit into this ‘souper’ perfect scenario
for collaboration ?
Here’s a few suggestions:

  • Offer a designated soup day once or twice a week where your customers know that Soup Sisters will be on your menu. ie: Soup Sisters Sundays or ‘Hug in a Bowl’ Monday
  • Offer our cause brand soup for your catering events. Save time and provide a versatile food choice that can be consumed sitting or standing.
  • Offer our soup on special calendar days like Mother’s Day. November is Family Violence Awareness Month, a great time to help us ‘keep the soup flowing’ to emergency shelters nationwide.
  • You can sell our Cookbooks and pair Hug In A Bowl soups with the original recipes. Just ask us how to purchase books from Random House delivered direct to you.
  • ‘Create a stir’ and involve your staff in making a difference. We will work with you to create internal tools for awareness.

CLICK HERE to download marketing materials.
Some of the things we'll do for you, and some things we'll never do.
We will proudly promote your place of business as a Soup Sisters partner on our website, and social media.

We will never come to you and ask for a portion of your sales or for an accounting at the end of the month or year. Simply buy and sell our delicious soup! 
With every bowl of soup sold another will find its way to someone in need.
Our soups have been developed to provide the utmost nourishment for your customers and also those in need. 

Soup Sisters has provided nourishing soup to over 1.5 million women and children fleeing family violence and domestic abuse, and youth in crisis.
Competitive in the marketplace and doing good at the same time.
Our soups are blast frozen, made with the finest and freshest  ingredients, and delivered to you.

High in protein and low in sodium, we believe in feeding others the same way we feed our own families. Folks in crisis require proper nutrition for well being.

For more information
or retail inquiries contact
our soup experts