We have raised $3000 already! We are still aiming for $15,000 by Easter.

Thanks to all you who have given alrea dy and who are supporting us in prayer!

If you have not yet given please consider helping us continue our mission to students.
Tulane student Laughlin Grace explaining how he applies
 IKON learning to his other classes.
“I did not plan for my senior year to end this abruptly and did not expect to say my goodbyes so suddenly; however, IKON going virtual gives me peace during this time as I know that my intellectual life does not have to take a pause. I can stay connected and deepen my faith with classmates and professors despite the circumstances.”
  • Chesna Climaco
“IKON is one of the highlights of my week. It allows me to dive deeper into my faith and helps me to connect what we learn in class to my everyday life on campus. It has been a grounding experience to be able to discuss life, knowledge, and faith with a group of fellow Catholics on my campus and I would love to continue strengthening and growing the IKON community.”
  • Brooke Santagato
Since sending out our emergency appeal, we've been working hard to make the transition for our students. With your help we have already raised $3,000 of our $15,000 goal. We have received encouragement and assurance from benefactors that they will see us through this crisis. However, the $15,000 goal cements our capability to fully transition our classes online.

In the meantime our students , like Laughlin, Chesna, and Brooke, are imploring us to help them to see their studies and this crisis through the eyes of faith. In order to do so we will be moving our IKON classes to an online format called IK ONline . Students will be able to participate in class in real-time. As stewards of your generous support, we invite you to see your gifts in action by sitting in on one of our online courses. We will be reaching out to let you know the process soon.

Your generosity can help us improve the IK ONline experience for our students. Every $50, $100, $500, $1,000 or more helps.

We will be praying for you during this difficult time and humbly ask your continued prayers and support.

Gratefully under the protection of Our Lady,
Dave, Bo, and Josh
Every donation makes a huge difference!