What if there was an intuitive tool that could transform the way health and social services are delivered to our community's most vulnerable populations? Now...there is!

Dear Managed Care Organizations,
We’re excited to introduce you to IMPACT Connect, a collaborative partnership of agencies working together to make social services more accessible to the people who need them. Mirroring other successful community information exchanges across the country, IMPACT Connect uses a universal screening tool; a comprehensive resource database; and an integrated technology platform to seamlessly make and close the loop on referrals.

By linking health and human service providers, government, and other agencies that engage in whole-person care coordination, IMPACT Connect:
  • ensures that people get connected to the resources they need to address food insecurity, housing instability, health/mental health issues, transportation barriers and much more
  • tracks referral status and outcomes to improve client success
  • creates complete, HIPAA-compliant records of vulnerable populations
  • collects data that helps identify gaps in services and address systemic issues

See a complete, real-time picture of an individual's medical and social needs and their engagement with community resources
Why IMPACT Connect?
We're aware that outside commercial technology companies are trying to exploit health care systems' efforts to address social determinants of health. Their primary focus is acquiring case management contracts within the health sector but they need a proprietary resource database in order to achieve their goal. With a robust 211 system already established here, the duplication of efforts for the purposes of profit does not benefit our community.
  • Reputation - as the provider of 211 services for nearly 20 years, IMPACT has been tasked to lead this effort and share our expertise in managing complex social service systems, an established network of partnerships, and the largest and most comprehensive resource database in Wisconsin.
  • Relationships - IMPACT's collaborative approach to working with health and human service providers, government, funders and other stakeholders fosters critical system improvement.
  • Resources - tapping into IMPACT 211's database of verified programs and services results in appropriate and accurate referrals.

Meet our Partners
We're thrilled to have Advocate Aurora Health, Children’s Wisconsin, Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin health network and Sixteenth Street Community Health Centers as IMPACT Connect foundational partners. NowPow, the innovation leader in digital health products for complex populations, provides the technology platform that includes a simple electronic screening tool, automated resource identification, and the ability to close the information loop on referrals.
Your Role in IMPACT Connect
Let's work together to drive effective collaboration and enhance efficiency among area healthcare providers, insurance companies, public sector systems, and community-based organizations. Join IMPACT Connect and experience the benefits of streamlined cross-sector coordination of care.

To learn more about IMPACT Connect, visit our website or download a brochure. For specific questions or immediate assistance, contact Emily Kenney, Director of Systems Change.

We look forward to working with you!
John Hyatt
IMPACT President and CEO