CDC Creates Demolition Company to Support Many Ongoing Brownfield Redevelopment Projects

Commercial Development Company Inc. (CDC) has officially announced the creation of Industrial Demolition LLC, a wholly-owned corporate affiliate established to support the company's many ongoing brownfield reclamation projects.

"Twenty-five years of internal success and an increased demand for demolition services compelled our company to expand in this direction," said Randall Jostes, CEO of Commercial Development Company, Inc. "Today Industrial Demolition LLC has the equipment, labor force, and knowledge base to execute and manage industrial-sector demolition projects of any size and complexity, at any location in North America."

Since 1990, CDC has purchased over 300 brownfield properties - and recently grown successful in the acquisition, cleanup, and demolition of retired energy-sector assets. Over the past 4 years, CDC has acquired five retired power plants representing over 3,200 MW in retired generation capacity - each of these sites requires significant demolition activity.

A few of Industrial Demolition's current projects are listed below: 

Tanners Creek Power Plant / Purchased from AEP in 2016
Industrial Demolition LLC performed demolition activities at this 1000 MW coal fired power plant, following CDC's purchase in 2016 The original timeline to prepare Tanners Creek for vertical development was 2021. However based on the progress made, CDC now expects the site to be ready for development by late 2019. Read More »

Janesville Assembly Plant / Purchased from GM in 2017
Demolition at the former automotive plant started in April 2018 and is expected to be completed in 12-18 months - this will include razing 4.8 million sq/ft of retired manufacturing and industrial space. For perspective, the size of the Janesville facility is the equivalent of 106 football fields under roof. Read More »

Brayton Point Power Station / Purchased from Dynegy in 2018
Industrial Demolition will be performing demolition activities at Brayton Point Power Station, the 1600 MW retired power plant located on the south coast of Massachusetts. Pre-demolition and remediation activities are currently underway.  Read More »

For more information on Industrial Demolition LLC, please visit or call 314-835-2813.

June 2018 

Industrial Demolition LLC Introduced as New Wholly-Owned Affiliate

CDC Purchases Industrial Site & Facilities in Shenandoah Valley

New ELT White Paper:
How Interagency Cooperation Played a Critical Role in the Historic Transformation of Sparrows Point

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CDC Purchases 10-Acre Industrial Site in the Shenandoah Valley

Last month (May 2018), CDC purchased a 10-acre industrial facility in the Shenandoah Valley (Harrisonburg, VA) from a global specialty packaging company.

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How Interagency Cooperation Played a Critical Role in the Historic Transformation of Sparrows Point

ABSTRACT: Despite a laundry list of environmental  challenges, the 3,100-acre Sparrows Point cleanup project was still considered a prime opportunity for brownfield redevelopment. Challenges included: RCRA obligations, state cleanup obligations, over 100 areas of environmental concern from 125 years of steel making operations, an existing federal consent decree, and two major regulatory agencies. In large part, the successful transformation of Sparrows Point can be attributed to interagency cooperation and a shared vision that would to allow a third-party purchase, remediate, and redevelop the site.

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