Industrial Chic is Making a Huge Statement in Today's Design Trends. 
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Modern Industrial Influences Drive Today's Design
Industrial style has recently become popular among interior designs. Inspiration for this design movement was sparked by the second Industrial Revolution when many businesses moved to low-cost countries leaving vacant factories here in the US. Making investments in your home can be costly, but if you have a design partner on your side, you can make smart decisions. Whether you are considering a kitchen remodel or creating the perfect space to relax, consider hiring a professional interior designer to help you allocate your resources wisely and avoid costly mistakes.

They're Raw. They're Chic.
They're Industrial Elements  
The industrial design celebrates American engineering and mechanical ingenuity. Everything from exposed pipes, to metal and wood surfaces, to antique light fixtures, all creating a beautiful combination of chic raw spaces.This style is all about putting structural elements on display to achieve a masculine, yet relaxed aesthetic. It offers raw and edgy style while maintaining functionality and comfort. What other styles are at pains to hide, the industrial style design boldly puts on display.

Looking to add some industrial flair to your interiors?
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Bring the Outdoors In

Keep your interiors fresh by bringing the outdoors in. Adding flowers to living spaces is one of the easiest ways to bring life to a room. You can pick them straight from your backyard or stop by your local florist for a custom bouquet. Not only will flowers create a nice focal point, they will also bring a fresh scent to the room.   

Before You Paint

We offer paint consultations that can save you frustration and stress, as well as time and money.

Paint color is one of the most important decisions you can make about your space. A good color choice sets the tone of the room. It provides a cohesive flow between rooms and evokes a feeling.

Our paint consultations start at $250 for 1 ½ hours.  You'll get palette choices, advice on what to buy, where to buy, and plenty of other tips to get you started in the right direction.  In the end, this will save you costly mistakes. 

Want to freshen up a space, but not sure what color to choose?  Schedule your personal paint consultation now!

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Commercial Interiors

D id you know we design, procure, and install commercial spaces?   
Commercial design can be complex. Whether you're moving, resizing, or merely looking to make your current space more efficient, you can trust your space to Redux Interior Design. From the first ideas, to the final touches, we'll handle everything so you can tend to what you do best, your business.
Your dream office, conference room, lobby or waiting room is just a phone call away! 

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