Volume I | July 25, 2017
Monthly News & Updates


We are excited to present the first edition of our monthly newsletter that will features all the best news from Locus Bio-Energy Solutions.


As many of you know, we entered commercial operations in the Appalachian Basin in late Q1 2017 with our 100% environmentally friendly well stimulating paraffin dispersal product. Since then, we have grown by leaps and bounds. This is all thanks to our growing list of amazing clients and their uniform praise for our product that not only does its job as effectively as any BTEX solvent, hot oiling or watering, but is extremely safe to use for their pumpers. No cancer risk or spill issues here! On top of that it is increasing production, in many cases more than paying for the cost of the treatment!


Since our launch, we have also been developing and piloting Enhanced Recovery and H2S Control solutions with amazing results in the upstream space that we are now starting to commercialize. We are also looking to expand into the Permian this quarter and have interest from several operators for pilots. We have started working with their paraffin samples to customize treatment protocols to get them the best possible results. In development are also numerous exciting solutions in the downstream space where we might be the only game in town for solving major industry problems such as what to do with pet-coke.


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Latest News

Locus has just been featured in the July editorial of the E&P magazine.  Click here to see it.  Locus’ technology has been talked about in the ProductionCompletion and Water Management sections.

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A team from Locus presented at the Production Chemicals Optimization Conference on June 28th, 2017 in Houston to an audience that were primarily petrochemical scientists from most major E&P operators. The objective of the conference was to discuss key industry pain points from a technical point of view and the related sharing of experiences in mitigating them.

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Updates From The Frontlines

Our client list for our paraffin dispersal treatments has been growing at a rapid pace since entering the market on a commercial basis only a few months ago. We just received our final batch of historical field data for the wells we have been treating for at least a year. The data decisively proves that our paraffin dispersal treatments are having a positive effect on long term production decline curves of these wells (watch out for these charts in our next newsletter). We have also just been invited to do a technical presentation at the DUG Eagle Ford Conference in San Antonio on August 29th, our second such presentation in less than two months.


Regarding our field trials – we are having consistent and spectacular increases in production with our well stimulation treatments designed for enhanced oil recovery. These have now been tried in several conventional formations in Pennsylvania and Ohio, and in both horizontal and vertical wells. On average, we are seeing a consistent 400% production increase over 20-60 days. For example, we did a treatment on a 3000’ deep 1200’ lateral horizontal oil & gas well in the Speechley Sand formation in Pennsylvania that was producing an average of 2 bpd. After our treatment, production jumped to average more than 8 bpd over 60 days. Even with the current low prices of oil, the owner boosted profits in multiples of what it cost him to treat the well – just the gross additional profits @$40/BBL was around $14.5K. 


“I have owned a solvent pumping business for over 30 years and I must say that the Locus product is as effective, if not more, and infinitely safer. After using their product for the past few months, I will not go back to using solvents - I love my family too much!”

Former solvent business owner

Bolivar, OH


“I have pushed off at least $50,000 in stripping jobs using Locus’s microbes”

E&P Producer

Owns 50+ wells in OH


“For the first time in years my tank bottoms were soft enough for me stick them after using the Microbes. So much so that my oil hauler complimented me about it. Has never happened before!”

E&P Producer

Dealing with wells for over 40 years


“I had a non-producing well that would have had to be plugged if not for Locus. Not only did they manage to get it to start producing fluid, but I was able to sell the well for a nice profit!”

E&P Producer

Owns 1000+ wells in OH

*detailed references can be provided on request