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MEscope ODS Video Processing
Introducing the all new MEscope Video Processing Package, VT-450 ODS Videos. We are excited to announce this new package for MEscope users. Non-contact surface, hard to reach area? No problem! Now you can accurately measure surface vibration from a video. P ost-process time waveforms or frequency spectra extracted from a vibration video recording, and then record clear color videos of the ODS animation.

Everything you need for get started for less than $20k.

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Technical Paper #78
Post-Processing ODS Data from a Vibration Video
Multiple time waveforms taken from a vibration video recording constitute a set of time-based ODS’s. In this paper, a new approach is presented for post-processing a set of time-based ODS’s to create a new ODS video. An ODS video can be created either by sweeping a cursor through the time-based ODS’s and deforming a rectangular surface with the ODS from each sample of the time waveforms, or by placing a cursor at a resonance peak in a set of frequency-based ODS’s and using sinusoidal modulation to deform the surface. This new approach has several unique advantages; 1) control of the animation speed & amplitude to provide much clearer visualization of the vibration, 2) use of the original video color graphics thus making the new video more realistic, 3) color contours superimposed on the video to indicate levels of vibration, 4) display of the frequency based ODS at any frequency in the original video data, 5) display of the magnitude & phase of the ODS at key points on the test article. 6) removal of camera jitter & background noise.

Upcoming Conferences
February 10th-13th, 2020 Houston, TX
International Modal Analysis Conference IMAC

Join us in Houston for the annual IMAC exhibition. Stop by Booth #3046 and see the all new MEscope Video Processing, along with an all new interface for MEscope.

 IMAC is a conference and exposition focusing on structural dynamics, and has evolved to encompass the latest technologies supporting structural dynamics. This broad focus on structural dynamics includes topics in simulation and modeling, nonlinear dynamics, sensors, signal processing and control spanning the full range of engineering disciplines.
Vibrant License Server

Searching for a more cost effective and flexible way to deploy MEscope? Do you know about the Vibrant License Server (VLS)? VLS authorizes the use of two (2) seats of MEscope on any computer connected to a local area network (LAN) or a virtual private network (VPN). Use of MEscope is authorized by checking out a license from the VLS. Each license can also be borrowed for a limited time period, which authorizes the use of MEscope without a network connection.
  • 125% of the Package & Options purchase price for a new purchase only (includes two (2) seats)
  • 70% for each additional seat

Choose VLS when ordering or renewing your next MEscope license!!
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