E-Motion America, Inc. has been a distributor of MYCOM and AMP (Applied Motion Products) for over 15 years.

We offer: Integrated Motors, Stepper Motors/Drives, Encoders, Motion Controllers, NanoDrive Drivers, and many more automation solutions with outstanding technical support!

Since 1978, Applied Motion Products has specialized in offering two-phase, hybrid step motors in a variety of frame sizes. These motors are designed to work optimally with Applied Motion stepper drives, ensuring smooth motion and high performance in every application. Add an encoder to the rear shaft of an Applied Motion step motor, marry it to an Applied Motion drive equipped with encoder-feedback functionality, and dramatically improve system performance.
Step motor drives from Applied Motion Products offer unparalleled performance for today's modern machine builders. From the ground up these drives offer best-in-class current control for optimal smoothness and torque, robust and flexible on-board control options, and industry-standard industrial network communications.

Mycom manufactures motion control products ranging from Stepper Drives, to Stepper Motors; as well as, Driver and Motor Units, and NanoDrive Drivers. Stepper motors come in various options such as: Hi-Torque, Hi-Speed, High-Resolution. NanoDrivers have an extremely smooth operation and come in a compact size. Stepper Motor and Driver Units are hi-speed, come in three models and have 5 phases.

We manufacture Cyclone products which range from gearboxes to servo and stepper motors/drives that are high quality at an efficient and consumer friendly value. Our gearboxes come in 15 different series, with an array of options to choose from. Our stepper motors offer 6 Series ranging from NEMA 11-34 with multiple models and shaft options. Our servo motors include 17 Models with multiple brake, encoder and shaft options. We have everything to fit your motion control needs!

* Check out the link below for our three-tube linear motor simulation controlled by
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