We're so excited to announce the release of the new update to our game-changing Money Path app! Version 2 includes numerous enhancements and new customization options, including a military track, graduate school options, and an additional 300 career paths with starting salary data. It's also mobile friendly so students can use the app from any device. Click here to view a demo of Version 2!

Our Business Director, Pat Rorabeck, was honored last week with the Governor's Financial Literacy Award for his work with SecureFutures and his crucial role in developing the Money Path program. We're so proud to have Pat as a member of our team!
What is it like to go back to high school? Money Coach volunteers Jade Hendricks and Shameka Moore were both students at Messmer High School. Now they're returning to their alma mater and teaming up to bring financial empowerment to a new generation of Messmer students. Hear their stories.
“Everybody deserves to understand money and to be able to use it wisely.
It’s that tool that we all need to lead
our lives. Just understanding
why it’s important to be aware
of what’s going on with your finances, how those basic skills translate,
can make a world of difference.”
-Jade Hendricks
"Although I talk to them about
their finances, I integrate about
purpose: what do you dream to do? What are you passionate about?
It’s not only about saving and investing. That’s important, that’s a vehicle,
but ultimately that’s going to fund
what you’re destined to do.”
-Shameka Moore
Volunteer Training Opportunities

Our spring semester of programming is underway, and we have lots of opportunities to get involved both for new and returning volunteers! If you need training or a refresher on Money Sense or Money Path, check out one of our upcoming webinars:
  • Money Sense webinar: Thursday, 3/12, 11:45 AM - 1:30 PM
  • Money Path webinar: Wednesday, 3/25, 12:00 - 1:15 PM

Register by logging in to our volunteer portal and finding your preferred event on the Training Calendar. Online training is also available for Money Sense (with options tailored to new and experienced volunteers) and Money Path, so volunteers can jump in now for programs that begin before the trainings take place. 

Check out our current volunteer opportunities here!
Don't miss the Midwest's premier event for cutting edge investment thinking! Registration is now live for the 2020 Investment Conference, being held for the first time at our new location, the Wisconsin Center. Tickets are available to active SecureFutures volunteers for 50% off. All proceeds from the event benefit SecureFutures. Register today!
Thank you, corporate and foundation partners!

We are honored to count Catholic Financial Life, the Marcus Corporation, the Olive and Eunice Toussaint Foundation, the Peck Foundation, the Stella H. Jones Foundation and the Catholic Community Foundation among our corporate and foundation supporters. Thank you for investing back into the community by supporting teen financial literacy!

For Financial Literacy Month this April, we're doing something new: a social media fundraising campaign that everyone can take part in! Help raise funds to create more financially fearless teens by sharing your own customizable giving site with your social media friends. We're also encouraging our volunteers and supporters to share a small change they're making to conquer their financial fears using the hashtag #FinanciallyFearless. Click here for more info!
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There are dozens of incredible companies, foundations and individuals who make our teen financial empowerment mission possible. Along with spotlights of those supporters in this newsletter,