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Introducing Nebula One Private Cloud Controller


Nebula brings the cloud to you, under your control, behind your firewall.   Nebula delivers an enterprise-class private cloud infrastructure through a purpose-built hardware and software appliance, coupled with certified industry-standard x86 servers. The heart of the solution is the Nebula One Private Cloud Controller. 


Benefits to you:

  • Shared: Compute, storage, and network resources are pooled to serve multiple users, departments, and workloads
  • On-Demand: Enable users to self-provision compute, storage and network resources within seconds without burdening IT
  • Broadly Accessible: Capabilities are available over the network via standard networking technologies
  • Rapid Elasticity: Capacity can be easily adjusted based on demand, scaled out or scaled down as needs change
  • Enterprise-Ready: Secure and seamless integration with existing enterprise resources (Active Directory, NAS storage, and VLANs)
  • Secured: Encrypted data and control plane, node boot verification, and out-of-band management
  • Open Standards and Portable: Built on OpenStack, with AWS-compatible APIs

Nebula allows you to start with the compute and storage you need today, and scale out seamlessly across multiple racks tomorrow. This is achieved through a simple, elastic, turnkey architecture that operates as a single private cloud on your network.



Learn more about Nebula One. Download the Solutions Brief