Holly Shanks, new MOC active media member.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I'd like to introduce you to one of MOC's newest active media members, Holly Shanks.

Holly Shanks is a journalist and freelance writer based in the St. Louis region and Missouri. She grew up in a rural northwest Missouri farming community. 

She and her husband, Jerry, split their time between St. Louis and her family's small Missouri farm. 

Outdoor adventures and hobbies have been a life-long way of life and include activities, such as  turkey hunting, fishing, trapping and searching for the treasures known as Morel mushrooms.

Holly holds an AAS degree in Mass Communications from St. Louis Community College and a BA in journalism with a certificate in outdoor/environmental journalism from Webster University. 

As well as freelancing, she also works for the Webster-Kirkwood Times newspaper group as a reporter, classifieds and social media coordinator.

She is also the co-editor for the blog Environmental Echo with Don Corrigan, the chief editor and co-publisher of the Webster-Kirkwood Times newspaper group. 

Just as the Osmonds, Donnie was a little bit rock-n-roll and Marie was a little bit country, so goes the Environmental Echo editors.
Don is a little bit environmentalist and Holly s a little bit conservationist - which proves that even in today's world, two differing approaches can find common ground and work together for topics and issues related to the outdoors.

You can check out Holly's work at her website,

To introduce yourselves and to welcome Holly to MOC, please contact Holly at

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