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Issue 12 May/June 2017
Introducing New National Sales Manager

SIGMA OEM is pleased to introduce our new National Sales Manager, McGustavus "Gus" Miller. Gus' career spans three decades in the industry, and his broad-based experience will be a tremendous asset to SIGMA OEM and our customers.

Gus began his career at Intermet Corporation in Manufacturing, and quickly moved up the ranks through corporate customer service and sales management. He served as Director of Sales for Intermet at a time when the company generated an excess of $1Billion in revenues. Gus spent the last six years serving as General Manager of a prominent domestic iron foundry headquartered in the midwestern US.  He has particular expertise serving the Automotive market, and has also worked in the Design and Manufacturing sectors.  
A college athlete, Gus played football for James Madison University while Majoring in Physics and Minoring in Math, and then earned a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. When he is not serving OEM customers, Gus spends his free time attending his children's athletic events; they excel in gymnastics, track, basketball, and football.
Gus can be reached at or (609) 901-1073.
Welcome aboard, Gus, and best wishes for much success.  
Effective Collaboration:  A Key to OEM Success

When a buyer and seller first agree to take the OEM journey together, there is lots of positive energy flowing from both sides.  The buyer is excited about a new project launch to improve the supply chain or reduce overall cost.  The seller is excited about new business because everyone likes new business.  After the handshake, it is crucial that both sides make every effort to assure the project will be mutually successful.
The project launch between customer and supplier is the most critical step. It is a time to share everything, to be totally transparent, and to truly work together to ensure that there is a comprehensive plan in place.  If either side falls short, the chances of success drop, hurdles may arise, and development can stall, completely derailing the project.
To ensure that the product launch phase is a success, both sides must uphold their responsibilities.
The customer should:
  • Review all the necessary drawings and specifications to assure they are all included. 
  • Double check that what they have ordered is exactly what they need. 
  • Pull parts from the present supply, whether internal or external, and make sure there is consistency between the drawings and the products. 
  • Take the time to revisit any complex requirements, tolerances or other specific call outs, and make sure these are still necessary to the performance of the product's true function. If they are not, revise the order.
The supplier should:
  • Review the drawings very carefully to make sure everything that is specified is clearly understood and can be achieved. 
  • If compromises or deviations are necessary, request these at the earliest moment possible.  Occasionally these items may arise unavoidably later in the process, however every effort should be made to identify and address them far in advance to prevent delays or cancellations. 
From experience, I have seen that cast and machined weights, coatings, and rust inhibitors often become the subject of great debate and the source of heartburn, even when the final product itself is approved. Review and transparency in these areas can alleviate confusion and stress. This, in turn, yields a smooth manufacture and delivery phase, and a quicker time to market, which is beneficial to everyone.
By working together effectively, we can ensure success across the board.
SIGMA OEM Attends Salvation Army Show 

This year's Salvation Army Show was held on April 6 in Philadelphia. The SIGMA OEM team had a strong presence there, showcasing our innovative clothing recycle bins, which have been garnering significant industry interest.
SIGMA OEM Sales Manager Tom Whittington, pictured, left, with Paul Curry, remarked:  "The show was a great opportunity for us to connect with major players in the clothing recycling market. We had steady traffic all day, and people loved the recycle bin banks that we were giving away."
For information on clothing recycle bins and other SIGMA OEM products, please contact Tom at  or 401 447 7138.
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