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March 2019 Edition
Poison Control is Now on Air!
That's right: we have a new podcast! We're kicking things off with six episodes about the opioid epidemic. Check out the first in the series, then take a short survey to let us know what you learned.  Listen here!
Tulip Bulb Toxicity
Tulips are beautiful and hardy plants grown from bulbs. Although a variety of symptoms have followed eating tulip bulbs, the exact toxicity of the plant when eaten has not been fully established. However, a well-documented toxicity from handling tulips is known as "tulip fingers."  Learn more...
My Child Ate a Match! Is It Dangerous?
Unintentionally swallowing a few match tips is not dangerous but would be expected to cause some minor irritation to the mouth and stomach. Swallowing a large number of matches can cause serious effects including damage to red blood cells and organs such as the kidneys and liver.  Learn more...
Centipede Stings: How Harmful Are They?
Centipedes can inflict painful stings, but most are small and rarely sting humans. They live in damp places and hunt for prey at night. Centipedes are considered beneficial because they help control household pests such as cockroaches, silverfish, and ants.  Learn more...
Side Effects of Ginseng Supplements
"Natural" does not always mean "safe." Like all medicines, herbal products and supplements are expected to have some side effects, and ginseng is no exception. Some side effects are related to the natural toxicity of the plants they come from or from problems in manufacturing.  Learn more...
Are Green Potatoes Safe to Eat?
You're better off tossing potatoes that have turned green or grown sprouts. Eating them puts you at risk for potential toxicity from solanine and chaconine, two natural toxins found in green or sprouted potatoes. Learn more...
Save the Number, Save a Life!
Go to or text poison to 484848 to download Poison Control's contact info directly to your smartphone. Be prepared! Download and save the phone number and the link to online guidance for a suspected poisoning. Do it now!
Two ways to get help for a poison emergency:

Both are free and confidential. Both provide expert guidance based on age, weight, and amount.