May 2018

Introducing Our Standard Line of Multicyl Press-In-A-Box Packages for Unipunch Tooling.

Multicyl's Press-In-A-Box (PIB) packages have become an industry standard for small punching applications. Unipunch tooling systems have likewise been an industry standard for similar applications.  

While these two products have been used together for years by many customers to provide complete solutions there has not been a series of standardized off the shelf packages to help.  Until Now. .. the Multicyl PIB-AB1

Using our MC series MC 15-5-9 Multicyl, UN3 c-frame cage, and ACP1 foot pedal control the PIB-AB1 package is designed for light to medium duty punching applications for both A and B series Unipunch c-frame tooling.

This is an off the shelf package which for single and small batch orders are guaranteed to ship within 5 business days and often can often ship right away.

Here is a quick checklist to see if this package is right for your application:

  1. The Unipunch tooling unit you are using is 2.5" wide or smaller in any the A, AJ, or B series
  2. Your tonnage requirement is 5 tons or less
  3. Your material is 1/8" thick or less
  4. Your throat depth requirement is 4" or less
Here are some examples of hole size and material combinations that add up to 5 tons - these applications and others are perfect for the PB1:

  • 1" in 16ga mild steel
  • 3/4" dia hole in 14ga steel
  • 9/16" dia in 12ga steel
  • 1/2" dia in 1/8" steel

If this might be a fit for you, or even if you just have some questions, don't hesitate to contact us.  We can help!

Click the picture below to see the unit in action:

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