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To Our BGA Partners,

I am excited to offer you a new online Private Interactive EssentialLTC P.I.E. Workshop Series to help train your agents on this new innovative LTCi product!

Simply order from one of the workshop topics below and market the workshop to encourage your agents’ participation - and we’ll do the rest including creation of the promotional materials and hosting and presenting of the online workshop. Better yet – you can have your pie and eat it too by requesting customization on the desired areas of focus.
Each of the following out-of-the-box online P.I.E. workshops are 20-30 minute visually interactive slices into particular markets for EssentialLTC - all utilizing Benefits Buddy:

  1. Leveraging a Slice to Protect the Whole Pie: Traditional LTCi sales with third pool shared benefit, lifetime benefits, 10 pay, and competitive product comparisons

  2. Carving Out Your Pie: Executive carve out sales for all business types 

  3. Having Your Pie and Eating it Too: Single pay sales using 1035 exchanges and using EssentialLTC to enhance your Combo portfolio
I look forward to  serving you! 

Best Regards,
Marc Glickman, FSA, MAAA, LTCP 
VP Investments and Business Development
LifeCare Assurance Company
Long Term Care Administrative Office  
5/17 Introducing P.I.E. Webinar Series 
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