What you create matters!
Show off with the new eduClipper Portfolios.

Today we are excited to announce an awesome new feature that lets you create Presentation Portfolios on eduClipper.  

Presentation Portfolios allow you to take eduClips you have already added to the site or add new eduClips and then organize them, change their look and feel, and even show them off in a presentation mode for quick viewing.

Getting Started with eduClipper Presentation Portfolios
Getting Started with eduClipper Presentation Portfolios

You can also control how these Portfolios are interacted with.  Can users like, comment, share, and re-clip content from them?  Only if you want. As always, we put you in the driver's seat.
What can you add to your Portfolio?
Pretty much anything! We currently support the following...
  • Google Docs
  • Microsoft Office Files (Word/PowerPoint/Excel)
  • PDFs
  • Images (PNG, JPEG, etc.)
  • HTML Embed Content (Prezi, Animoto, etc.)
  • Bookmark whole websites
  • YouTube/Vimeo videos
  • Or use the eduClip It button to grab text & images
We are just getting started and have lots more eduAwesome features to come that will enhance this Portfolio functionality and offer new abilities to all learners. 

Other exciting features that you may have missed recently...
  • Create differentiated groups to share with
  • Edmodo App available
  • Available to be installed as a Google Apps for EDU
  • Embedding eduClips and eduClipboards
  • Speed and reliability has been improved greatly

All the best,
Founder / CEO

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