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Purview� is the VERY FIRST and ONLY - patent pending - solution that bridges Network/Security Management with comprehensive Business Analytics.


Purview is a network powered application analytics and optimization solution that captures and analyzes context-based application traffic to deliver meaningful intelligence - about applications, users, locations and devices.



  • Dashboard - Application and bandwidth usage - Within a specific period of time, Purview easily displays the number of applications, bandwidth usage, number of clients and number of flows.
  • A Massive and Customizable Signature Set - With a library of more than 7,000 applications with over 13,000 fingerprints and growing, and the ability to easily create your own fingerprint, Purview can identify virtually any application.
  • Intelligent Application Visibility - Purview application identification uses deep packet inspection (DPI) to provide a rich analytical framework and granular controls for private (SAP, SOA traffic, Exchange, SQL etc.) and public Cloud (Salesforce, Google, Email, YouTube, P2P, Facebook, Twitter, file sharing, etc.) applications essential to your business. This enables IT and other Lines of Business to determine which applications or websites are being accessed, the consumed bandwidth and other statistics on business critical applications versus non-business critical applications.
  • Network and Application Response Time Management - Provides network performance versus applications performance.
  • Proactive Security and Compliance - Provides IT with the ability to monitor and restrict application usage and website access based on specific parameters. For example, a known web browser version that poses security risks could be restricted.
  • Contextual Information with Depth and Granularity - Associate additional contextual information such as who, what, where, when and how with any application.
  • Unmatched Scale with Zero Performance Impact - Custom CoreFlow2 ASICs (chipsets) embed the functionality within network hardware achieving visibility into millions of flows without impacting performance.