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October 2018
Association Updates
Quality over Quantity as we build on a strong foundation together
We are off and running with key value-adds for our members. Not only are we ramping up for a powerful INSPIRE Conference, our team is set to deliver our first Regional event on November 8th.

Dave Menton and Kathy Meader will deliver sales training in a one-of-a-kind close-knit setting. We will soon be announcing our first ever faculty appointments. The RSPA Academy is in flight.

Marie Perry and Chris Arnold are working to deliver RSPA Branded Content around a model financial operating environment for our VAR Community. This benchmark will help members diagnose areas for improvement based on the aggregate community baseline. This will serve as a key component of the go-forward strategy in any reseller business.

We are focused on quality over quantity and working to bring increased value to our members. We will soon be within 100 days of our INSPIRE event. See you in Florida. The best is ahead!
Inspire 2019 is scheduled for February 3 - 6, 2019 at the Sanibel Harbour Marriott Resort & Spa in Fort Myers, FL. 

Registration will be opening soon, so keep an eye out. In the meantime check out the highlights from Inspire 2018.  
For the 2018-2019 school year, the RSPA awarded 72 applicants with over $100,000 in scholarships. The generous support of our members brings this program to life. 
To learn more or to contribute to the RSPA Scholarship fund, click here!
RSPA Academy Upcoming Education Opportunities

October 16, 2018
Develop Your Team For Success
(Part 1)
Shannon Reichart & Paul Kirk

October 18, 2018
Develop Your Team For Success
(Part 2)
Shannon Reichart & Paul Kirk


October 23, 2018
Hunter VS Gatherer:
The New Model of Selling
Dan Brattland

October 25, 2018
Security Testing
Nathan Sweaney

For webinar details, visit
Communities Corner

The Canadian Community fosters relationship building among businesses and individuals in the point of sale ecosystem that have a presence in Canada.  Read More...

The NextGEN community unites up-and-coming professionals who are focused on helping the retail technology industry evolve and flourish.  Read More...

W2W was created to provide a support network and resources for women as they enter and continue to advance in the retail technology industry.  Read More...
Inside RSPA

Security Tip from Nathan Sweaney
It is not recommended to use wireless for your point-of-sale system, but if you have to, you need to use segmentation. For example, have one wireless set up only for point-of-sale, a separate wireless set up for customers, a third wireless up for managers who simply need access to the internet; segment the networks in different ways so that you can control what is going where.

Legally Speaking by Bob Goldberg
We all have employees that need to be aware of the latest regulations affecting our relationships. It is clear that the pendulum is swinging away from employers and favoring employees. RSPA members have always treated their employees well and to continue doing so here are some recent changes you should be aware of. Read More..

RSPA Membership Benefits
Stay up to date with the RSPA Academy, where we will provide ongoing, industry leading educational content and services.

We will continue to offer highly impactful educational content in key areas such as business operations, customer service, sales management, sales training, security, talent development, and more.
RSPA Community IQ - RSPA Membership Articles

What's Next After TLS: The Basics of Merchant Security
The 6/30/18 TLS deadline was a major concern for the payments industry. In fact, some analysts worried that it might resemble the EMV changeover and the difficulties it brought many companies. Any potential confusion with the TLS migration could have resulted in lower processing volumes, impacting revenue streams and ultimately eroding trust between payment companies and their customers.

Low Tech Products in a High Tech Industry 
Often overlooked are the simple (or not so simple) methods used to handle the actual cash required in transactions throughout the day. Going beyond cash drawers, these devices help to insure that cash is handled safely, effectively, and securely. A key component is the method used to verify that the bills are not counterfeit. Read More...

Email Marketing 101: Getting Started in 3 easy steps
You've read it on blogs, you've read it in magazines... You even know in your heart of hearts that your business needs to do email marketing. You scour the Internet, trying to find the right way to get going.
Well, have no fear for we are here to show you just how easy it can be to get email marketing underway. Read More...
New Member Spotlight
Webroot provides the number one security solution for managed service providers and SMBs, who rely on Webroot for endpoint protection, DNS protection, and security awareness training. Learn More...
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Savannah, GA

Oct 30
Software Executive Forum
San Francisco, CA

Nov 8 - 9
Focus Dealer Conference
Las Vegas, NV
Nov 8
Irvine, CA
Feb 3 - 6
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Mar 13 - 16
2019 NCC Dealer Conference
Weston, FL