Club 45 is Bet Torah’s youngest youth group
for 4th and 5th graders,
now featuring remote community-building programs

We are excited to announce two exciting remote projects this week
(one "live" and one at your own pace.) 
Zoom Yoga Party
with Robin Wald 
Wed., April 1, 5:00 p.m.
When has there ever been a better time to take some deep breaths? Join Robin Wald and your Club 45 friends for yoga on Zoom.


This event will be free for all, sponsored by the Youth Program. 
At your own pace:
Club 45 Weekly Photo Challenge
Name the photo with the child's name and the date (e.g., LoenAmer26March) so we know who has completed this challenge.
Brighten up the day of passersby!
Please upload by Friday, April 3 at noon.

Take a picture of EITHER
a rainbow in your window as part of " the Rainbow Connection "
As the goal of Club 45 is to help our pre-teens deepen and expand their friendships within the Bet Torah community, events are open only to Bet Torah congregants. Children do not have to be in the Kulanu Learning Program.