Welcome, S'more!
Our newest elf takes over!

Hi, there!

This is S'more the Elf, and I'm in charge... of blogging!

Santa sent me to take over for Rafael the Turtle when he went missing, and I am SUPER EXCITED to follow in his tiny footprints! We are going to have so much fun! First we are gonna make snow angels! Then, we'll go ice skating! Then, we'll eat a whole roll of Tollhouse cookie dough as fast as we can! And then, we'll SNUGGLE!

But first, we are going to BLOG! As you can tell from the picture, Santa is keeping an eye on my work. So, I better do a good job. Don't wanna end up on the "naughty" list! Actually, this isn't really Santa in the picture. Santa is MUCH larger. This is a Byer's Choice Santa, handmade by elves in Pennsylvania. They are beautiful collectibles. Even better, our Byer's Choice Figurines at The Christmas Shoppe have a story.

So, gather 'round, kiddos! Time for the story of Carola's Carolers. You see, long time ago (in human years), but not so long ago (in elf years), when The Christmas Shoppe was still a new store, a woman by the name of Carola came to work here. She was a sassy, but gracious lady from New York, and she absolutely insisted that she be hired because she loved decorating and giving and everything Christmas. She did a right jolly job, and helped train the current head elf herself. The trees, wreaths, and bows that Carola designed were a wonder to behold.

Now, part of her hiring agreement was that they special order Byer's Choice Carolers, Santas, and figurines just for her. As far as Mrs. C. knows, they were rarely, if ever, sold in store. She filled her home from top to bottom with the best Christmas decorations money could buy, and artfully arranged her carolers every year, making up stories about their lives, loves, and adventures.

Now, for the sad part. So, all the little kids might want to stick cotton in their ears and hum carols loudly for the next sentence. Carola recently passed away, leaving many loving friends and happy memories.

Carola was getting pretty up there in years and had already retired from decorating at The Christmas Shoppe. After all these years, she had collected more Byer's Choice Carolers than her family knew what to do with! So, it was suggested that The Christmas Shoppe sell Carola's Carolers for new collectors to enjoy. Mrs. C. had already considered ordering Byer's Choice pieces to sell in her honor. Instead, we are going to release different styles periodically from Carola's collection. We hope you will consider buying these special, retired pieces. Know that each one was loved by an amazing lady.

So, we hope you can drop by soon to meet Carola's Carolers and meet me,
~S'more the Elf!

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