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Issue 14 September/October 2017
Introducing SIGMA 3.0

We are pleased to announce the launch of SIGMA 3.0. The Company's founders, Victor Pais and Siddharth Bhattacharji, led an investment group to acquire SIGMA International on August 2, 2017, with financial participation from Fairfax Financial, a strong global investor.  Victor and Siddharth have remained actively engaged in both SIGMA and in the industry and they identified this as a timely business opportunity. Victor describes the move: "We see this as a sound long term investment, a way to make a fresh start and revive the dynamic, entrepreneurial and growth-driven team ethos that marked our management." He added that the new structure allows SIGMA to be more customer responsive.
McGustavus "Gus" Miller, National Sales Manager, OEM, comments, "It is a unique situation when you have the original owners buy back the company they founded.  It shows they believe in the company and bring back that entrepreneurial spirit to continue to move it forward."
SIGMA OEM Supplying Counterweights for All-Terrain Forklifts

SIGMA OEM was approached two years ago by a major materials handling company who needed a better solution for the counterweights that balance their all-terrain forklifts. Prior to SIGMA OEM's involvement, the customer's counterweight consisted of a fabricated product of sheet metal, essentially a box filled with steel shot to create sufficient weight to counter the loads borne on the forklift.
The forklifts, which are used in the agricultural industry, require a counterweight of 5000 pounds to ensure that large cartons of harvested fruit remain upright and undamaged. These particular forklifts are used in California orange groves; the oranges are used for eating as opposed for juicing, and therefore must remain pristine.
Once the specifications to the counterweights were outlined, SIGMA OEM's design team created a prototype, identified the most suitable factory, and began manufacturing the products at Crescent Foundry in India. Two years later, we have continued to deliver quality counterweights that are cast, machined, and prime painted with the customer's logo prominently displayed on the exterior. We now stock these in our Chicago warehouse and ship JIT every month.
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Strong Showing at 2017 Goodwill Summer Marketplace Conference


SIGMA OEM continues to experience strong growth in the clothing recycle bin sector.  Our presence at the August 1 Goodwill Marketplace Show in Charlotte provided an excellent opportunity to expand our reach in this area.
The show draws representatives from all over the US, and many were seeking quality bins.  OEM Sales Manager Tom Whittington describes the event:  "The show was a success. We found over 30 new leads for business, and we spoke with the influential Goodwill Purchasing Collaborative, which is a high volume operator. The size of their order enabled us to offer very advantageous terms. "
With this product line seeing such expansion, SIGMA OEM expects to attend both the SMART Salvation Army Show and the Goodwill Expo in 2018.
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