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Introducing SLICE!


Vescent Photonics is excited to introduce SLICE, a new line of photonics control products.  The SLICE platform is a flexible design that will allow rapid expansion of the product line as well as a great user experience with features such as a touch screen control panel and user-programmable monitor I/O. W e are currently introducing the SLICE-QT, a four-channel temperature controller. 

The SLICE-QT will control 4 separate thermal plants such as laser diodes, non-linear and photonic crystals, and photonic integrated circuits with user-assignable 40 W of control power. This means that you may configure it for four channels of 10 W each, one channel of 40 W, or anything in between. It will autotune to the your plant and make clever use of the touch screen and physical knobs for fast, ergonomic data entry and control. It will be feature rich, including the ability to open an external interlock if a temperature goes out of a user-defined range, a settable temperature slew rate (handy for sensitive non-linear crystals), and the ability to be externally servoed.  A   data sheet for the SLICE-QT can be downloaded

We're so excited about the SLICE-QT that we're offering two easy ways to get one in your labs. For a limited time, we will include a free*. SLICE-QT with the purchase of any D2-100-HP1 high-power laser.  We're also offering a $500 discount on any orders before 30 September, 2017. 

The SLICE products will be highly effective tools in your laboratory. A stand-alone temperature controller represents new capability for Vescent Photonics. As SLICE grows, we will offer a mixture of new performance and upgrades to our venerable D2 product line. We invite you to request specific functionality that will enhance your labs' productivity.
Meet us at...

Vescent Photonics will be exhibiting at both Laser World of Photonics in Munich this week and the International Conference on Laser Spectroscopy (ICOLS) next week in Arcachon, France. We invite you to come to the MG Optical Solutions stand at LWoP, Hall A2/stand 300 or the ICOLS exhibition area to see the new SLICE-QT and our market-leading D2 product series.

Vescent's Director of R&D, Dr. Juan Pino will be presenting the poster "New Tools for Optical Metrology" in a poster session at ICOLS.
winnerWe Have a Winner!
Recently, we randomly drew a name from an electronic hat containing the names of all the visitors to our booths at CLEO and DAMOP this year. The lucky winner will receive a free SLICE-QT four-channel temperature controller. Alas, we have not yet been able to contact the winner (please check your voice and emails if you entered), so I can't yet say who it is. But stayed tuned; we should be able to announce the winner with our next email update.
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