As we continue to navigate these changing times, our priorities remain the same - to provide excellent service to our clients. With this in mind, we are always striving to innovate and create new and efficient ways to obtain and deliver tax information. 

For the upcoming tax season, we are pleased to announce that we will use SafeSend Organizers for electronic tax organizer services. Use of a SafeSend Organizer will allow you to remain all electronic, from completing the organizer all the way to receiving your tax return electronically. While you are completing your organizer, you can also upload your tax documents and transmit all information electronically to your Gray, Gray & Gray accountant. SafeSend is a user-friendly and efficient, one-stop shop for your electronic tax needs!

What to Expect…

  • At the beginning of February, you will receive an email from SafeSend ([email protected]) with a link to access and set up your SafeSend Organizer. The subject line will be: "Please Review and Complete your <TAXYEAR> Tax Organizer".

  • We recommend that you “whitelist” this email address to help mitigate the potential of emails landing in your “Junk Email” folder.

For more details on SafeSend Organizers, please click here.

We understand the tedious nature of submitting your tax information and want to ensure the smoothest process for our clients. If you have any questions about SafeSend Organizers, please contact Cathy Dwan in our Tax Processing Department at [email protected].