TechLife Trends
Volume 4 Issue 7     August 2020
Message from Scott

Just wanted to take a moment to offer my best wishes to anyone who had a rough time during the recent storms. On top of all we have been enduring these last few months, working on getting back to our lives and our children to back to school, this situation we could have done without!
That said, the power is back on and the kids are making their way back to school. Let's all hope for a positive outcome as we enter into Fall. Fingers crossed!

President & Co-Principal
IDS Audio/Video & Technologies, Inc.
Introducing Samsung's First and Only Waterproof TV
Do not, we repeat do not drag your flatscreen outside with an extension cord. Nothing good will ever come of that. You need a TV especially made for the outdoors. The new Samsung Terrace QLED TV is weather-resistant with an anti-glare wide viewing angle. For specials and pricing information call 516-625-6060 or reach us by email.
Even if You're Home You Still Need Home Security
Being home this summer means more time than ever spent in our backyards. Don't ignore your home security; if you're in your yard, who's minding the house? We offer free consultations on all types of custom security systems. Call 516-625-6060 or reach out by email.
Looking for Better Video Chat Sound?
As video conferences continue and much of our working lives from home require being on the phone, a solid headset is a must. Take a look at the Voyager line of headsets and earphones--excellent noise control and connectivity. Now you can Zoom in comfort and quality!
Rainy Day Streaming
There's always a lot changing on the streaming scene, with content coming and going as well as changing to different services. When those rainy days come, you'll want an easy way to find something to watch. Here's what came to Netflix in August, Disney Plus in August and Hulu. If you prefer one app to search all streaming content available, look at Likewise and JustWatch.
Get the popcorn ready and enjoy!
Video Tech Support
IDS has Video Chat Tech Support available. If you've got an issue, we can help virtually! With FaceTime, Skype, Zoom or other services, we can fix many issues that could impact your services at home. Call 516-625-6060 or contact us by email. We'll do our best to get you back online!
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