Introducing TBH Master Trainers:
Helping Communities Get Smart 
About Brain Health

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Introducing TBH Master Trainers
Helping Communities Get Smart About Brain Health
Montclair, NJ. February 20, 2017 |  Total Brain Health announces the launch of their TBH Master Trainer service in which expertly trained professionals visit communities to teach TBH memory and brain fitness classes.  This auxiliary wellness program from TBH enables communities to host cognitive fitness classes on site using the support services of certified TBH trainers.  TBH Master Trainers are  currently located in Northern NJ, Washington D.C. and Northern Florida with more trainers being added soon.
TBH Master Trainers are skilled in promoting cognitive vitality through proprietary social-based brain training techniques. TBH classes incorporate "hands-on" l­­earning and the power of groups to advance healthy memory and brain function.  These highly interactive classes facilitate focused exercises to further brain training results, as shown in pilot research studies.
"TBH Master Trainers are carefully screened, certified facilitators of our programs," says Dr. Green, founder and President of TBH. "They are highly accomplished at delivering experiential brain health classes that purposefully grow connectedness and peer support amongst community members.  Our aim is to harness the "wellness value" of peer-to-peer interactions for the end goal of effectively training for attention, reasoning, memory, processing and executive functioning." 
TBH Master Trainers offer several class packages from an introductory 10-class series called TBH GET TOTAL BRAIN FIT! to a full year course, TBH MASTER BRAIN SERIES, with several options in between.  Additionally, TBH Master Trainers are available as expert speakers on the science of brain health at community meetings and special events.    
"Our goal is to extend the reach of the TBH brain training classes using experienced professionals.  Our TBH Master Trainers come to us with a deep professional background in health and wellness and are adept at creating supportive environments for social engagement and cognitive fitness learning," says Melissa Engel, COO of Total Brain Health.
To learn more about TBH Master Trainer services and TBH Toolkits brain training classes, please visit or contact Aimee Ruiz, Marketing Manager at 973-655-0422 or email us at  


Total Brain Health is a leading provider of social-based brain fitness training in the United States. Founded by renowned brain health expert and author Dr. Cynthia Green, Total Brain Health occupies a special niche in the brain fitness market by offering memory and brain health programming, including The TBH Toolkits, a line of brain fitness programs for active aging settings, as well as marketing, consultation services and certification training for qualified professionals. For more information about Total Brain Health, call 973-655-0422 or visit or