This January join The Art Studio
in our month long art challenge!

It is easy to get involved. Every day in January challenge yourself to create art using our prompt list for inspiration. You can find this list below or on our Instagram page @nccartstudio.

We believe everyone needs a little bit of art in their life and want to use it to help inspire and uplift our community. No pressure, no limits and we invite everyone to participate with any materials you have. We only ask that you share your creations with us to inspire the community to come together and challenge themselves as well!

Once your artwork is complete, snap a picture of it, post it on Instagram and tag us #nccartstudio and #nccjanuary.

We'll give you the inspiration, now you supply the imagination! Our goal is to celebrate our amazing art community!
January's Prompt List!
Challenge Yourself with our Winter Themed Prompts
What to do:
  • Create a piece of art following the day's prompt using the materials around you.
  • Post it on social media.
  • Make sure to tag us! @nccartstudio and use the hashtag #nccjanuary.
  • Repeat for each day!
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