Dear Friends,

Two years ago, Camp Leo and ConnecT1D began operating as Camp Leo + ConnecT1D. We were two organizations joining forces to serve the type 1 diabetes community through uplifting, high-touch programs.

As one organization, we have been able to share resources, streamline operations, and introduce new children and adults to our camps and programs. Even as it became more challenging to gather in person, we always felt we were stronger together.

At the same time, we knew that our union would not be complete without a truly shared identity that conveyed to our community that we are one entity and that we are here for everyone impacted by type 1 diabetes.

That’s why we are thrilled to introduce ourselves today as Type 1 United.

We want to emphasize that the banner names of
our programs are not changing.

You will still be singing at Camp Leo summer camps,

gathering at ConnecT1D Family Camp, and meeting new friends at ConnecT1D Adult Retreat.

As a name, Type 1 United is about more than the union of one organization. It stands for the power of community. It signifies that we are in this together. And it represents our promise to be even more welcoming and inclusive as we broaden our reach across all communities in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Today, we celebrate this step toward the future. And we offer our gratitude to all of you who have supported Camp Leo, ConnecT1D, and Camp Leo+ConnecT1D through all chapters in our histories. We would not be here without you. Thank you. We cannot do it alone.

To learn more about our future, we hope you’ll join us on November 12th for Founders Dinner, our annual fundraising event and celebration of our type 1 diabetes community.

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