MAY 2018

Introducing WallGoldfinger Furniture: a division of Mark Richey

The country's premier architectural millwork company Mark Richey Woodworking of coastal Newburyport, Mass., has purchased the WallGoldfinger brand, carrying on the furniture legend's work through a new division of Mark Richey called WallGoldfinger Furniture. The purchase means the continuation of WallGoldfinger's great custom and product line furniture, including the Arbor and patent-pending Summit, as well as enhanced production capabilities. 

Partners in interiors

Mark Richey Woodworking President Mark Richey and WallGoldfinger Furniture Vice President John Wall share insight on the new collaboration.

New opportunities, same great faces and popular product lines


There is always room for improvement and that is just what Mark  Richey and its state-of-the-art factory is bringing to WallGoldfinger Furniture. 

Changes under Mark Richey will include:
  • An opportunity to perfectly match interior millwork and furniture
  • More technologically-advanced manufacturing, including 5-axis CNC routers and an automated finishing system 
  • Faster turnaround times and more consistent finishes as a result of this advanced technology
  • More competitive pricing
  • Sustainable manufacturing
  • Financial stability 
  • The great WallGoldfinger team, custom capabilities and products, including Arbor and Summit reconfigurable tables, you reply upon for your corporate spaces
  • Product development and advancement
  • The best working with the best ... for you

Mark Richey Woodworking
Mark Richey Woodworking crafts and installs high-end architectural woodwork. The 37-year-old company's work enhances the experience of performing arts centers, museums, corporate headquarters, academic institutions and restaurants across the country. 
Employees are craftspeople with a passion for quality, reliability, tradition and innovation. The factory masterfully blends high tech tooling with sustainable energy. More:

WallGoldfinger Furniture
The WallGoldfinger brand has been world renowned for producing the world's finest corporate office furniture. From custom boardroom and conference tables, lecterns and credenzas to meticulously-crafted product lines, WallGoldfinger Furniture is designed with state-of-the-art, integrated technology solutions, responsibly sourced and made in America for discriminating designers, furniture dealers and corporate clients. More:
Take a guided tour of the Mark Richey factory

Look inside the impressive, high-tech Mark Richey Woodworking factory with Mark and his team.

Mark Richey's sustainable approach

Some dream about it. Others do it. Mark Richey Woodworking is one of the nation's greenest manufacturers. It is woodworking fueled by wind, biomass and solar. 


Call the WallGoldfinger Furniture team

If you had heard WallGoldfinger was in transition and were holding off on placing orders, it is time to get reconnected with WallGoldfinger Furniture team under the incredible Mark Richey Woodworking. 


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