As one of the world’s largest private owners of timberlands, why does Weyerhaeuser place such an emphasis on economic development?
Successful economic development and the projects that come as a result offer exponential return on investment and opportunity. The projects are not just opportunity for Weyerhaeuser or the company that chooses to locate on one of our sites, but also for the community and their residents. With each successful project, we hope to see increased land values, job and career growth as well as a stronger tax base to fund infrastructure and schools to ensure a vibrant community. Large-scale economic development projects should go beyond the transaction to create positive transformation within the community.
Weyerhaeuser has made a significant commitment at each of the sites to ensure the locations are ready for development. Why is that important?
Our sites offer an unmatched speed to market. We know companies and business decision makers have hundreds of sites from which to choose. Our sites offer the ability to get a product to market faster and with little uncertainty regarding timeframes for development. Weyerhaeuser’s portfolio of sites allows companies to beat their competitors to market through the elimination of risk.
Each of the communities that the sites are in is unique. How does Weyerhaeuser partner with the communities on a project?
We are more than just partners; we are an extension of the community’s economic development team. Each economic development partner in the process has similar goals, and we all realize the benefits of a successful location when we work together. We also bring a team of experts to help position the site and community for greater success for all those involved. What’s even more significant is that we will continue to be an extension of that team long after the project is announced — we are committed to both the community and the company.
How does Weyerhaeuser’s brand and the long-term commitment to growth support the development of the sites?
As a major corporation, we believe selling the land is more than just the sale and purchase. Rather, Weyerhaeuser will be a long-term partner in the development of the site. When a company locates on one our sites, we will work with that company to determine opportunities that best fit the site as well as existing industry already located on the property. We believe it is a significant advantage to have Weyerhaeuser as the landowner who understands the needs, risks and goals of the companies that locate on our sites.
Rosemary F. Fagler, Economic Development Manager