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Since 1922, the Wightman family has farmed the land around Morristown, New Jersey and sold their harvest to their hungry and health conscious neighbors and friends. This year for the first time they are enhancing this multi-generation farming tradition by introducing a Weekly Farm Fresh Subscription Program

What is it? 
The Farm Fresh Program is essentially a subscription to the farm, similar to a CSA, but we think better. For 18 Weeks, starting the week of May 19th subscribers will pick up a Farm Fresh Box that is stocked with the freshest fruits and vegetables harvested just in time to make it into the box. A subscription is a great way to commit to keeping your kitchen stocked with a variety of healthy, nutritious and locally grown and sourced foods for you and your family.

What's in a Weekly Farm Fresh Box?

The contents of your weekly Farm Fresh box will change with the calendar because the different fruits and vegetables ripen at different times during the year and the farmers will select the best quality and variety depending on what it being picked each week. In addition to the produce, the boxes will contain a weekly newsletter with suggested recipes and tips for getting the most out of your box including how to prepare, wash, preserve and store your weekly harvest. Frequently you will also find an extra "goodie" or featured ingredient in the box such as fresh Breadsmith pizza dough, Savory Spice mixes, fresh apple cider or even homemade pasta that will help unlock the locavore chef in you!


How does it work?

Farm Fresh subscribers will purchase a subscription for one of two sizes, small or larger, but we call them Finicky or Fanatic. Subscribers also must select their pick day either Tuesdays or Fridays. Pick-ups are all at the Wightman's Farm Stand 1111 Mount Kemble Avenue in Morristown NJ. Subscriptions are limited so don't delay!


Need more details? 

The 2015 Farm Fresh Program will run for 18 weeks from Tuesday May 19th through Friday September 20th. Here are the box options:
Option 1
$23 / Week
Option 2
$30 / Week
Farm Fresh
Farm Fresh
The smaller Farm Fresh Finicky subscription is the perfect size for a couple or family with young children that may be a little less adventurous when it comes to trying new  vegetables.

The Finicky is a great way to try the program. If the starter box proves too small you can always upgrade to the Fanatic.  

The Finicky will contain a nice selection of seasonal produce, your weekly newsletter with tips & recipes and occasional goodies like the ones I mentioned above. 

The larger Farm Fresh Fanatic subscription is stocked for the family that loves all kinds of produce and strives for five or more fruit and vegetable servings each day. 

If the Fanatic becomes overwhelming, your can always switch the Finicky or share your harvest with a friend. 

The Fanatic will contain more of everything that comes in the Finicky box as well as a more varieties of local produce to try and enjoy. 

And of course you will get the weekly newsletter  with all of the tips and recipes as well as the delightful extra goodies that I mentioned above. 


Special Offer:  Subscribers that Pay In Full will be entitled to "Pick Your Own Flowers and Herbs", whenever available, each time they pick up their Farm Fresh Box. If you prefer to pay in installments you can take advantage of our 3-Thirds payment plan. 

Still have questions? 

You can always email me.

Dawn Salerno

Farm Fresh Program Director 

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