During our 30th Annual Excellence in Construction Awards this fall, we will be presenting two awards that celebrate an individual who goes above and beyond to ensure quality, safety, community engagement, positivity, leadership and passion for the Merit Shop philosophy.

We are asking for nominations of ABC of Iowa members and individuals who have helped to shape the quality and integrity of the Merit Shop.

If you know an ABC member/individual who serves as a wonderful example of this, please take the time to nominate them for this year's awards. Thank you!
Bill Yeager
Craft Professional of the Year Award
Recognize an individual who best embodies the ideals of a merit shop craft professional through superior efforts and applied talents (skill, dedication, professionalism, ingenuity, patience and hard work).

Larry Meisner
Contractor of the Year Award
Recognize an ABC of Iowa member who, through his or her performance, has achieved significant accomplishments for the construction industry, merit shop philosophy and ABC of Iowa.

Nomination Due Date
Friday, August 24, 2018

Questions? Call Jared Harridge at 515-985-1174.